Chinese Taipei Association Addresses Postponement of Olympics|東奧延期 組訓會規劃分組後續備戰

The pandemic has already compromised athletes' training and preparation. Now, 32 Chinese Taipei athletes qualifying for the Games have to wait until next year to compete. And many of them receive the news of postponement with mixed feelings. The Chinese Taipei Olympic Association said it will provide them with counseling.

To date, 32 Chinese Taipei athletes have qualified for the Tokyo Olympics in 10 events. These athletes will not be affected by the postponement of the Olympics. The fate of athletes that have not yet qualified, however, is up to individual sports associations.

Even within group (sports events), Chinese Taipei has already gone through the set confirmation process and mechanisms determining which athletes will be representing (Chinese Taipei). This should not change, unless athletes have some situation that occurs later on.

The postponement has thrown a wrench in the works of the training schedules of athletes and particularly older athletes. Sports Administration Director-General Kao Chin-hsung says he has spoken with athletes and they have mixed emotions.

You do feel it's kind of a pity to have to wait. On the other hand, you have more time to train and prepare. They are all feeling anxious right now about the uncertainty, albeit to varying degrees.

Our athletes' careers come to an end around the age of 24 or 25. For example, if (the opponent) Chih-kai (Lee) faced in London on the pommel horse is already 28, he would be at a disadvantage two years later.

The administration says it will provide counseling for athletes. No decision has yet been made on whether the National High School Games, National Intercollegiate Athletic Games and National Disabled Games will be postponed.


體育署長 高俊雄表示:「甚至團體(項目)裡面,國內已經有經過一定的機制程序確定,是誰來代表這個團體參加的運動員,這些也不應該要改變,除非選手他個人出現了一些狀況,在之後的情況。」


體育署長 高俊雄表示:「是會覺得有點可惜,又要再等一段時間,或者說,好在又有多一段時間,讓我準備。他們都真的是確實處在不安、不確定的焦慮狀態,只是大家程度不太一樣。」

體操國家隊教練 林育信表示:「對我們選手來講,因為我們大致上,剛好也在24、25歲當中變成熟。假如(李)智凱他的鞍馬項目,英國那個(對手)已經28歲,所以他在隔年對他不是優勢。」


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