NSO Music Director Apologizes for Causing "Social Panic"|澳音樂家染疫 NSO總監呂紹嘉公開信道歉

Musician Brett Dean was diagnosed with COVID-19 after performing in Taiwan. Over 100 people are in home quarantine as a result. National Symphony Orchestra Music Director Lu Shao-chia issued an open letter to apologize for causing panic.

Australian musician Brett Dean gave two performances in Taiwan at the end of February and beginning of March. He has since tested positive for COVID-19 and 145 people that came into contact with him are in home quarantine.

On the 10th, National Symphony Orchestra Music Director Lu Shao-chia posted an open letter on Facebook apologizing for the social panic caused.

Our deepest apologies. Since all this happened, we have performed a comprehensive review and recognize there is room for improvement in many areas.

Lu also apologized for not taking better precautions. Asked which procedures need to be reassessed, the NSO declined comment.

Our first priority was settling everyone that was affected. After the (results of the review) are sorted out, we will definitely share them with everyone at the earliest possible time.

Dean was already sick when he was in Taiwan. As he performed with musicians from National Taiwan University of Arts and two other schools, classes have been suspended at the schools. In a statement on the 7th, Dean thanked his colleagues in Taiwan for their concern. He said he visited a doctor while in Taiwan, and "the doctor examined me and acknowledged that I had a mild bronchial infection and prescribed some medication to help combat that. He reassured me that I didn't need to be tested for the coronavirus. Therefore I was not referred any further within the Taiwanese health system." Dean went on to say he sought further medical advice after returning to Australia and wasn't diagnosed with COVID-19 until then, and "by sharing my experiences, I hope it can show people that despite the best precautions and intentions, this is a virus that can affect us all."



NSO國家交響樂團執行長 郭玟岑表示:「致上最深的歉意,從事情結束後,我們也做了整體的探討跟檢討,確實在很多的地方,都有可以進步的空間。」


NSO國家交響樂團執行長 郭玟岑表示:「第一時間是先對於,所有受影響人的安頓,這個(檢討)部分整理之後,我們一定第一時間跟大家分享。」


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