People First Party Unveils Legislator-at-large Nominees|親民黨公布不分區名單 郭家軍色彩濃

The People First Party officially announced its nominees for at-large legislative seats. Chairperson James Soong is confident with the list and hope the public will help them bring more seats of the minority party into the legislature.

Nominees stand shoulder to shoulder as the People First Party officially announce its nominees for at-large legislative seats. The list included names from the core staff members of Foxconn founder Terry Gou, such as Amanda Liu and Tsai Chin-yu, and the honorary vice chairperson of the United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) John Hsuan, who has a personal friendship with Gou. The party's chairperson, James Soong is confident of this list.

We have Chen Yi-chieh to represent the Under-40s. James Soong's team, Yu Hisang's team will do our utmost to care for the public and provide professional service.

There are 22 nominees on the list. At the top is Secretary-General of The League for Persons with Disabilities, Teng Hsi-hua. Placed second on the list is legislator Li Hong-jyun, third is UMC's Honorary Vice Chairperson John Hsuan, fourth is Amanda Liu, CEO to Terry Gou's Yonglin Foundation, while Tsai Chin-yu is listed at number nine. Many of the nominees have some kind of relation to Terry Gou.

First of all, I represent myself. Second of all, I represent the tech industry. I have been doing charity work for all these years, now there's a chance that I can do even more for the public. I hope can grasp this opportunity.

Chin-yu and I have discussed together. Actually, to be able to recruit Ms. Teng Hsi-hua as the top nominee for the People First Party also means that we all think that the bottom layer in the society, or the most disadvantaged, are the friends that we need to care for the most.

The chairperson said to me that, Hsi-hua, we want to recruit you not to service for the party. You don't have to service for the People First Party, but it's for you to input into the society and service the public.

The current People First Party's caucus leader Chen Yi-chieh is also listed as the fifth nominee on the list. At the same time, she also announced to drop out of the district legislator elections for the Datong and Shihlin district. She said that she is determined to battle alongside with James Soong at his political career "endgame." Chen also hopes to consolidate the strengths of the minority parties in order to gain another seat in the legislature.


親民黨總統參選人 宋楚瑜表示:「40歲以下的,領頭有陳怡潔來代表,宋楚瑜這個團隊,余湘這個團隊,一定善盡我們關懷全民,專業服務。」


聯華電子榮譽副董事長 宣明智表示:「第一個我代表我自己,第二個我代表科技業,這個從事公益這麼多年,能夠有一個機會,能夠替大家做更多的事情,我希望我要掌握這個機會。」

永齡基金會執行長 劉宥彤表示:「我跟沁瑜兩個人都商量,事實上我們這一次,能夠請到滕西華小姐,擔任我們親民黨第一名,就是表示我們大家都認為,在社會最底層,或者最弱勢的朋友,是最需要被關懷的。」

身心障礙者聯盟秘書長 滕西華表示:「主席告訴我說,西華我們找你來,不是為政黨服務,你不必為了親民黨服務,你是為社會效力,為人民服務。」