"Taiwanese Chan Tung-kai" Arrested in Taichung|"台版陳同佳"案嫌犯 台中租屋處遭警逮捕

M. Chuang
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A Taiwanese man with a gun robbed a Hong Kong watch store on Oct. 6. The man, surnamed Lin, used an air gun to rob the store of two watches valued at close to NT$4 million and then fled back to Taiwan. Although Taiwan's Criminal Code applies here under the Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong and Macao Affairs, prosecutors admit they have no way to get their hands on the facts of the case and it remains to be seen if they can be provided by Hong Kong.

Police arrest a man surnamed Lin outside his rental home.

Don't move. I told you not to move. Did you not hear me?

Police found over NT$2.7 million in cash in Lin's home along with four Rolex watches. All of them were illegally acquired. Lin is suspected of robbing a Hong Kong watch store at gunpoint in October and fleeing back to Taiwan the same night, getting away with two watches valued at NT$4 million. He is also a suspect in multiple criminal cases across Greater China and Southeast Asia.

He arrives at a new location on the first day, commits robbery on the second day, and then immediately heads to the airport. This is why he is able to get back to Taiwan so quickly and escape arrest in those countries.

Lin has netted over NT$11 million from his crime spree, which police believe started in May this year. Taiwan and Hong Kong do not have a mutual legal assistance agreement in place. Under Taiwan's Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong and Macao Affairs, Taiwan's Criminal Code applies when a ROC national commits a crime in Hong Kong that is punishable by at least three years imprisonment. Suspects in aggravated robbery cases face at least seven years imprisonment. Taiwan has jurisdiction in this case, but prosecutors admit the case will be difficult to prosecute.

We really need all the relevant evidence in this case to be collectively sent over here to Taiwan for Taiwan's prosecutors -- for the prosecutors to pursue this case. But it's really a pity that at the tail end (of the investigation), when we want to proceed further with negotiations with (Hong Kong) -- it may be difficult under the current circumstances.

Prosecutors say Hong Kong has only provided Lin's name and a summary of the case to date and they have not been able to obtain relevant CCTV footage and other records. Lin is currently being held for aggravated robbery, but cannot be charged without more evidence. It is unclear how much evidence Hong Kong can or will provide.




刑事局偵六大隊第五隊隊長 賴英門表示:「他會利用今天前往該地,明天搶完之後,立即直接驅車前往機場逃逸,也因此,造成他能在很短促時間之內,逃回國內,而沒有被犯案地的國家警政單位查緝到案。」


台中地檢署襄閱主任檢察官 林彥良表示:「我們非常需要這個案件適格的證據,全部匯集到台灣這邊來,台灣的檢察官,檢方這邊才能完整訴追這個案子,但是很可惜的是說,在比較後端的部分,當我們想跟他們(香港方面)來做進一步,在執行上面需要的溝通的時候,可能在目前狀況下,應該是有些難處。」