Ko Accepts Resignation of Advisor Accused of Sexual Harassment|疑涉騷擾爭議 北市府顧問劉嘉仁請辭獲准

The Taipei City Government has become embroiled in a scandal after its advisor Liu Chia-jen was accused of sexually harassment. Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je, has accepted Liu's resignation, while maintaining his innocence.

On Oct. 31, Taipei City Government consultant Liu Chia-jen was ordered to attend an interpellation at the Taipei City Council to address accusations that he sexually harassed Taipei City Government deputy spokesperson Huang Jing-ying. The city government also promised to investigate the allegations. Liu subsequently issued a statement where he said he submitted his resignation to show his sincerity, and he has full confidence in his innocence. He also said he will quietly wait for the truth to emerge, along with everyone else. Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je has accepted Liu's resignation.

As there are some people who have the opinion that his presence here will cause complications, so I decided to let him leave his post ahead of schedule. This morning, I told Deputy Mayor Vivian Huang that the task force we set up has to follow standard operating procedures. However, it may take a month to complete the procedures, and you say it would be strange for him to remain at his position during that month, so you might as well just let him resign first.

Taipei City Councilor Chien Shu-pei aired suspicions that Ko's lightning fast acceptance of Liu's resignation had something to do with the upcoming elections. The councilor pointed out that Ko characterized this incident as workplace conflict after it came to light, showing he lacks awareness of sexual harassment. Netizens did not hold back on their criticism either, and some speculated about an internal power struggle within the city government.

We know that Liu Chia-jen is a member of the so-called Tsai Pi-ju faction. It appeared that Liu was unqualified. As a result, other people often ended up doing his work. This resulted in discontent, which in turn led to the divulging of this sexual harassment scandal.

Chien criticized Liu's conduct and said Ko's rapid handling of the matter was good for the municipal administration. An investigation is ongoing even though Liu has already resigned. Ko said he set up an investigatory task force because there were differing assertions, and people shouldn't conjecture before the results come out.


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「既然有人有意見,擺在這裡會變成困擾,所以就先讓他先離開職務,我今天早上也有跟黃珊珊副市長說,我們就成立一個專案小組,還是要照流程走,但是有時候流程,雖然理論上一個月,你說拖一個月擺在那裡,不如就乾脆先讓他請辭。」


民進黨市議員 簡舒培表示:「我們知道劉嘉仁,其實是所謂的蔡壁如派的,劉顧問的能力,好像有所不及,所以常常把他的工作,變成別人在做,所以讓大家心生不滿,才會藉由這個,騷擾學姊的事情把它爆出來。」