Taiwan Inaugurates New Fleet of Black Hawks|黑鷹直升機"完全作戰能力" 今台中成軍

M. Chuang
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Over 100 UH-1H helicopters have officially retired after nearly half a century of service. Many pilots were saddened to see their long-time comrades decommissioned. The fleet is being replaced with 30 new Black Hawk helicopters, that will serve as combat transport aircraft in the future and a major upgrade to the military's combat ability.

UH-1H helicopters fly over the commander's platform in a triangle formation.

Following in their wake are other military helicopters including UH-60M Black Hawks.

The UH-1H utility aircraft were used in disaster relief and commodity transport missions in Taiwan for almost half a century. The decommissioning ceremony for the UH-1Hs and the inauguration ceremony for the UH-60Ms took place on the 30th.

Many military pilots were sad to see the old aircraft go as some of them have never flown anything else.

We conduct a flight inspection before getting in the aircraft. We pat the aircraft's nose or its body and say a few words of encouragement. When we get off the aircraft, we pat it again and thank it for its hard work. Today is the start of a new era with the U-60Ms and we are happy to be able to take part in the transition.

One pilot says the UH-1Hs fostered a culture of camaraderie but the new Black Hawks have stronger combat and transport capabilities.

The digital instruments provide us with more data and more functions. The sheer volume of data may be overwhelming at first, but we will be able to overcome that with training.

In the future, the Army Aviation and Special Forces Command will use the Black Hawks for aerial combat, transportation, battlefield rescue and electronic instrumentation. This is a huge upgrade for the command.


緊接在後的有陸軍現役各型直昇機,以及UH60M黑鷹直昇機. 也宣告陸航全作戰能力成軍。



602旅突擊作戰隊長 曾吉宏表示:「上機前完成飛行檢查,我會拍拍它的機鼻,或拍拍它的機身,跟它講,兄弟,今天好,我們今天要開始出任務了,或是在下來的時候說,拍拍它說,辛苦了,換到U60M一個新時代的,一個戰力機型的轉換,我們都能夠親自參與。」


601旅突擊作戰隊飛行員 張晉綬表示:「數量很大的,多資訊的多功能的數位儀表,那在識別上,第一時間上,可能太多資訊要接收,可是就需要不斷的練習,去讓自己精熟飛行的技能。」

118架的UH1H除役,陸軍航特的作戰及運補,由30架UH60M黑鷹直昇機取代.可以進行空中突擊,運補,戰場救援 ,電子儀表取代傳統飛行及動力儀表.而UH60M的完全作戰能力成軍,也宣告陸軍航特戰力再升級。