MAC Minister Apologizes for Insulting Han Kuo-yu|"禽獸說"惹議 陳明通澄清非針對韓國瑜

C. Chuang
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During a interview on Apr. 1, Mainland Affairs Council Minister Chen Ming-tong also spoke about Han Kuo-yu's recent trip and the many purchase orders he signed with China. Chen said Han only knows how to "fill his belly," and went on to say that there is no difference between Han, pigs, dogs, and other beasts if he is content with just filling his belly. The minister's statements generated a lot of discussion, and he was forced to clarify his words one day later.

You need to show consideration for sovereignty while boosting the economy. Some inappropriate wording emerged during this process, which made some people feel uncomfortable. I would like to apologize to everyone. I do not mean any disrespect to my fellow countrymen and women who are working hard to boost the economy, and I especially did not target Mayor Han.

Chen's statements caused a huge ruckus. New Taipei City Councilor Chen Ming-i of the Kuomintang even led a delegation of residents to the Mainland Affairs Council to express their discontent. They brought pigs and dogs, as well as their excrements and eggs to show their displeasure. Chen Ming-i said it was extremely arrogant and despotic for the minister to compare those who are just trying to earn a livelihood to pigs and dogs, which is why he had organized the protest. He demanded an apology and the minister's resignation.

陸委會主委 陳明通表示:「拚經濟的過程當中,還是要照顧主權,那這個當然中間過程,出現了一些措辭不是很恰當,引起來一些人感覺上不舒服,我在這裡跟大家說一聲抱歉,我無意對所有拚經濟的國人同胞,有任何不敬的意思,特別我沒有針對韓市長。」