Ko Wen-je Not Buying Yao Jen-to's Apology|姚人多深夜臉書致歉 柯P:把戲真多

The by-elections for two legislative seats for Taipei and Taichung will be held on Jan. 27. The Kuomintang has already nominated its candidates, but it remains unknown if the Democratic Progressive Party will be working with Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je in Taipei. Straits Exchange Foundation Vice Chair and Secretary General Yao Jen-to posted on Facebook in the middle of the night that, he is apologizing to Ko and called on him to be the bigger person. In response, Ko said Yao is not the mastermind.

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je was surrounded by media in the basement of Taipei City Hall when he arrived at 7:30 a.m. Several hours earlier, Straits Exchange Foundation Vice Chair and Secretary General Yao Jen-to issued an apology to Ko on Facebook. Ko told the media Yao is not the "mastermind."

He is not the mastermind. They have too many tricks up their sleeves. (What do you mean?) (Is it because they are hoping for white-green cooperation?) No. This kind of -- let me tell you, this kind of hipster sentiment would have moved you if you had seen it five years ago. Now, it's just nauseating.

Ko also said Yao's late-night post may have been an attempt at political trickery, as Yao is very close to President Tsai Ing-wen and also managed Pasuya Yao's failed Taipei City mayor campaign. In his post, Yao Jen-to wrote, "I resigned from all presidential aide teams two weeks ago. Tomorrow, the president will meet with Mayor Ko. Based on recent reports, the bond between Mayor Ko and his wife and the DPP has not been severed completely. I offer my deepest apology, and I want Ko Wen-je to be the bigger person." Some believe this means the DPP is softening its stance on Ko in the hopes of realigning with him. There have also been reports the DPP plans to recruit lawyer Wu Jun-ting as its candidate in the legislative by-election over Taipei City Councillor Ho Chih-wei, who is vying for the nomination.

First of all, I want to run because of support in public opinion polls. It is really inconsequential whether I have to leave the party to run as an independent. I absolutely respect and trust the intelligence of our election committee. Chih-wei is telling you all now that he is committed to staying in the race until the end.

Ho says he will not withdraw from the race no matter what. A lot is still up in the air for the DPP. In contrast, the Kuomintang has already decided on its candidate: Chen Bin-fu, the top city council vote-getter in Zhongshan and Datong districts.

The DPP has six people that have already thrown their hat into the ring. Meanwhile, Ko Wen-je has named four people even though he is not a member of the ruling party. The Kuomintang cannot be absent from this election.

In the wake of its landslide victory in the local elections, the KMT has an opportunity to gain one more seat in the legislature. Chen will hit the campaign trail after the city council swearing-in ceremony on Dec. 25.

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