Sinopac Holdings chairman Ho Shou-chuan and two others were detained on the evening of the 18th in connection with a scandal in which the bank was said to have granted illegal loans of over NT$5 billion. In a rare show of quick response, the Financial Supervisory Commission then announced on the afternoon of the 19th that it is dismissing Ho as chairman and board director of Sinopac. ==LEE RUEY-TSANG Chair, Financial Supervisory Commission== Mr. Ho Shou-chuan is officially dismissed as a director of Sinopac Holdings. In effect, he is also being relieved of his duties as chairman. After Sinopac Holdings chairman Ho Shou-chuan was detained, the Financial Supervisory Commission acted the next day to relieve him of his duties as a company director and to suspend Sinopac and its subsidiaries from investing in other businesses until improvements are made. ==WANG LI-CHUAN Dir.-Gen., Banking Bureau, FSC== In (Sinopac's) internal regulations, it had provisions regarding related parties. However, (Ho) skirted these provisions and did not designate (several hedge funds) as related parties. This is the reason for our punitive actions. The FSC listed 4 and 6 major wrongdoings committed by SinoPac and its staff, respectively. However, the FSC only issued a "correction" to Sinopac, which Legislator Huang Kuo-chang criticized as too lenient and an abdication of the FSC's responsibility. He also slammed the FSC for not holding Sinopac's independent directors and supervisors accountable. ==LEE RUEY-TSANG Chair, Financial Supervisory Commission== We will also request statements from the other independent directors. The scandals that have engulfed Sinopac has dragged down the share prices of all nine of the group's listed companies. Sinopac Financial Holdings fell over 1.64%, Yuen Foong Yu fell nearly 3%, E Ink fell 2.21%, and Chung Hwa Pulp fell 2.44%. In total, the group lost over NT$8 billion in market value in one day. ==WANG JUNG-HSU Analyst, Marbo Investment Consulting== Sinopac Financial Holdings alone lost over NT$3 billion in market value this morning. The FSC said there was still a large body of evidence regarding the illegal loans scandal for the prosecutors to go over. Further administrative penalties and actions may be taken against the company if the evidence is clear. Translated by JOHN CHEN 永豐金驚爆違法超貸案,金額超過50億!董事長何壽川等三人,昨天遭台北地院羈押禁見後,今天下午,金管會再對永豐金控祭出行政處份,正式解除何壽川董事和董事長職務,創下金融史上董座遭羈押後,立即遭解除職務的首例! ==金管會主委 李瑞倉== 何壽川先生我們給他解除 永豐金控的董事職務 事實上也等於是 解除他董事長的職務 永豐金董座何壽川遭羈押禁見後,隔天金管會也火速宣布行政處分,依照金融控股公司法第54條第一項規定,除了解除董事長何壽川等人職務外,同時暫停永豐金及旗下子公司轉投資業務,直到缺失改善為止. ==金管會銀行局長 王儷娟== 他其實內部也有一個 實質關係人的一個規範 可是他這一個部份 他自己還是規避 還是沒有把他 放到實質關係人的部份 納進來控管 所以這也就是我們 這次處分他的原因 金管會針對涉案公司與人員,分別列出4大與6大缺失,但行政處分,卻只是對永豐金做出糾正,立委黃國昌認為金管會高舉輕放,沒做到督導之責!甚至永豐金獨立董監事,在事件爆發以來,也沒有究責,認為嚴重失職! ==金管會主委 李瑞倉== 我們也會請其他的獨董 別的公司的獨董來說明 永豐金弊案連環爆,直接反映在股價上,九家上市櫃公司,全部慘跌永豐金跌幅超過1.64%,永豐餘跌幅近3%,另外元太、華紙跌幅分別來到,2.21%與2.44% 集永豐集團,一天市值蒸發超過80億. =萬寶投顧分析師 王榮旭== 光是永豐金一檔股票 它的早上的市值減少的金額 就已經超過30億 金管會表示,永豐金涉犯違法超貸一案,還有許多事證,待檢調釐清,如果犯罪事實明確,除了追加行政懲處外,還會祭出相關罰則. 記者 黃立偉 張國樑 台北報導