On the morning of June 10, a helicopter, which belonged to Emerald Pacific Airlines, crashed near Fengbin Harbor, Hualien when it was conducting an aerial photography mission. The Hualien County Fire Department found the debris after receiving a report at noon. All three on board the helicopter were confirmed dead, including Chi Po-lin, acclaimed director of the documentary "Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above," his assistant, and the pilot. As there is no black box on the aircraft, the Aviation Safety Council, the Civil Aeronautics Administration and the prosecutors will launch an investigation. Flight No. B-31118, which belonged to Emerald Pacific Airlines, crashed near Fengbin Harbor and left with only one wing. At 12:23 pm on June 10, the National Rescue Command Center informed the Civil Aeronautics Administration of the suspicious crash. The Hualien County Fire Department rushed to the scene only to find the crashed helicopter had been on fire. ==LIN CHENG-YANG Police Station Deputy Director, Hualien County Police Bureau== The three corpses were confirmed dead after we put out the fire. The CAA said that the film production company had commissioned Emerald Pacific Airlines to shoot a sequel to "Beyond Beauty." The aerial photography mission was conducted the third time on June 10, but the helicopter lost contact shortly after taking off. The last contact with the ground was recorded at 12:20 p.m. The three victims on board included pilot Chang Chih-kuang, director Chi Po-lin and his assistant Chen Kuan-chi. ==HUANG WEI-CHUN Business Director, Emerald Pacific Airlines== The pilot Chang Chih-kuang worked together with the director Chi Po-lin several times. As far as skill is concerned, he is a proficient pilot. ==LIN CHUN-LIANG CAA Flight Standards Div. Chief== Getting to the scene is more difficult. Therefore, tomorrow morning, we will be able to reach the crash site where Aviation Safety Council (ASC) will conduct an investigation. Founded in 1994, Emerald Pacific Airlines provides helicopter services and has involved in four fatal accidents in the past 23 years, including a crash when a helicopter was spraying pesticide in 1999 and helicopters got tangled in power lines when cleaning the cap and pin insulator for Taipower in 2001 and 2015 respectively. This mission on shooting aerial photography, which caused three deaths, is the most serious one. The crashed helicopter had been in service for more than 15 years and its last maintenance check was on April 13, 2017. The pilot had 5,529 hours of flight in total. The ASC has sent staff to the crash scene to investigate the cause of the crash. TRANSLATED BY:BRYANT CHANG 一架凌天航空直升機,上午在花蓮豐濱執行紀錄片拍攝「空勘任務」時失事,花蓮縣消防局中午接獲通報,在豐濱鄉大港口村附近,尋獲飛機殘骸,包括機師,以及看見台灣紀錄片導演齊柏林,和他的助理,機上三人全數罹難。 編號B-31118的凌天航空直升機,只剩單邊機翼,機身墜毀在花蓮縣豐濱鄉大港口村附近,周六中午12點23分,國搜中心通報民航局這架直升機疑似失事,花連縣消防局趕往現場,當時機身已墜落起火。 ==花蓮鳳林分局港口派出所副所長 林正洋== 三具大體都沒有生命的跡象 我們把火滅掉之後 民航局表示,凌天航空這次失事直升機是受電影公司委託執行「看見台灣2」的電影拍攝計畫,上午在花蓮豐濱是執行當天的第3次任務,但起飛後不久就失聯。直升機最後一次與地面通話是1220分,機上三名罹難者包括機師張志光,紀錄片導演齊柏林,和他的助理陳冠齊。 ==凌天航空業務處長 黃為君== 飛行駕駛員張志光 跟齊柏林導演之前 也配合了很多次 在技術上面來講的話 他是一個非常純熟的飛行駕駛員 ==民航局標準組長 林俊良== 這個地方通往作業的現場時間 作業現場比較困難 所以可能會在明天早上 才會到達失事的作業現場 那會由飛安會來進行調查 成立於1994年的凌天航空,經營直升機飛航業務,23年來共發生過四起死亡意外。包括1999年執行噴灑農藥任務失事,2001年和2015年執行台電清潔電塔任務勾到電纜線,這次紀錄片空勘任務造成三死意外,是歷年最嚴重的一次。 失事直升機機齡15年,最近一次之定期檢查日期為106年4月13日。機師總飛行時數5,529小時,飛安會已經派員進駐現場,調查失事原因。 台北 花蓮 綜合報導