The Tsai administration has said it will work right up to the last moment to obtain an invitation to the WHA. However, on May 12, Dr. Tim Armstrong, Head of Governing Bodies at the WHO said that there were no plans to invite Taiwan. President Tsai Ing-wen made her first public pronouncement on the issue and emphasized that Taiwan is part of the global healthcare system and should not be excluded due to political considerations and would continue to raise the issue internationally. The WHA will open on May 22 in Geneva and Taiwian was not invited after the online registration ended on May 8. This was widely condemned in Taiwan as being due to China. President Tsai Ing-wen was interviewed by international media and called on Beijing not to obstruct participation. Yesterday for the first time she spoke publicly about the issue and called on the international community, saying that Taiwan should not be excluded because of politics. ==TSAI ING-WEN R.O.C. President == I emphasize again that Taiwan is a global nurse and is part of the global healthcare system. It should not be excluded due to well-knowN political considerations. I believe nurses' professionalism and the importance placed on healthcare is a universal value and we will continue to raise our voices and continue to share our experience with the world. Tsai emphasized that this year the WHA will discuss public health policy for Alzheimers. With Taiwan facing an aging population, it needs to exchange information with other countries on the topic. The Taiwan Union of Nurses Association said it had sent a letter appealing to other international nurses' associations to raise the issue. ==KAO JING-CHIU Taiwan Union of Nurses Association CEO== We immediately asked our Taiwan associations to send letters to the International Council of Nurses and other such associations seeking assistance to raise the issue and support our government at the meeting. Although Taiwan has been frustrated at the diplomatic level, but in the medical community, the Government went all out, and on May 12, International Nurses Day, President Tsai praised the spirit of service in the nursing community and also stressed that the government will strive to improve the ratio of patients to nurses. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 世界衛生組織,沒有對台灣 發出邀請函,我方政府表示,將努力到 最後一刻。不過,主席阿姆斯壯,今天 進一步證實「沒有計畫 邀請台灣」。面對台灣 今年沒有受邀,總統蔡英文,今天首度 在公開場合,發表談話,強調台灣 是全球衛生體系 的一環,絕不能因為 政治因素,就被排除在外,未來會持續,在國際上發聲。 WHA世界衛生大會22號將在日內瓦舉行,台灣在8號網路報名截止後,沒有收到邀請函,國內對中國大陸打壓的反彈聲四起。總統蔡英文,除了接受國際媒體訪問,更11度在推特發文,向北京喊話,今天首度公開針對未收到邀請函一事發言,公開呼籲國際社會,台灣不能因為政治因素,就被排除在外。 ==總統 蔡英文== 我再一次強調 台灣是全球護理 是全球衛生體系的一環 不應該因為眾所周知的政治考量 而被排除在外 我相信護理專業 對於健康關懷的重視 是不分國際的普世價值 未來我們會繼續在國際上發聲 繼續分享我們的經驗給全世界 蔡英文強調,今年的大會將談到失智症的公共衛生對策,台灣正好面臨人口老化的問題,更應該和各國交流。護理師公會全聯會也強調,已經發函國際友好的護理團體,幫忙發聲。 ==護理師護士公會全聯會理事長 高靖秋== 全聯會第一時間 也請我們台灣的護理學會 發函給國際護理協會 所謂的ICN 及其他友好的ICN會員國 我們請他協助 幫我們發聲 支持我國政府與會 雖然台灣在外交上受阻,可是在醫療環境上,政府全力以赴,5月12日國際護師節,蔡總統除了幫忙傳遞象徵護理師照顧病患的服務精神,能夠生生不息的薪火,也強調,政府會致力改善,讓護病比例更合理。 記者 陳佳鑫 張梓嘉 新北市報導