Student leaders of political movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan jointly called on China to release former DPP staffer Lee Ming-che in a press conference yesterday. They also urged the US not to turn a blind eye in the interest of trade and commerce. Joshua Wong, the leader of the 2014 Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, Taiwan's New Power Party chair Huang Kuo-chang, and the leaders of the 2014 Sunflower Movement stood together to call on China to release human rights activist Lee Ming-che. Mr. Lee has been detained for 15 days, and China refused to disclose his location. Besides, the Trump-Xi meeting is to be held on April 6th, therefore, they held a press conference on the morning of the 2nd, calling for international attention on the matter. ==JOSHUA WONG Sec-Gen. Demosisto== (Last year) I was kept in custody at the Suvarnabhumi Airport for about 12 hours. As for Mr. Lee's situation in China, I am very concerned and worried. Joshua Wong hoped that international attention could put pressure on the Chinese government by the joint announcement while Huang said human rights issue should not be avoided in the upcoming Trump-Xi meeting. ==HUANG KUO-CHANG New Power Party Chair== We think that during the Trump-Xi meeting, human rights issue should not be sacrificed, nor should it be shied away from There is no information on Lee's current status and his wife, Lee Ching-yu, who decided to go to Beijing to rescue him. In response, China's Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun said the authorities concerned would deal with this. Besides, the Straits Exchange Foundation issued a press release at noon on the 2nd, saying it will assist the family in sending the medicine through multi-channels. TRANSLATED BY:BRYANT CHANG 前民進黨黨工李明哲遭到中國政府關押已經15天了,再加上川習會即將於4月6號舉行,參與香港雨傘運動的學運領袖黃之鋒,與318運動領袖陳為廷、林飛帆,以及時代力量立委黃國昌共同召開國際記者會,呼籲美國不要因為貿易利益,而迴避人權議題。 香港雨傘運動領袖黃之鋒、時代力量黨主席黃國昌,還有318運動領袖林飛帆、陳為廷一字排開,高喊口號,要中國釋放前民進黨黨工李明哲,因為他被中國關押已經滿15天,但中國卻拒絕透露關押地點,再加上即將於4月6日就要登場的川習會,上午他們共同召開記者會,呼籲國際社會共同關注。 ==香港眾志秘書長 黃之鋒== (去年)在泰國機場被扣起來 扣押了大概12個小時 所以我對現在李明哲先生 在中國大陸面對的情況 也是非常關注跟非常擔心 黃之鋒希望藉由港台運動代表的聯合發聲,呼籲國際社會關注,並給予中國輿論壓力。黃國昌則認為,川習會上,人權議題不該被迴避。 ==時代力量黨主席 黃國昌== 我們認為人權的問題 在這次(美中)會面當中 不僅不應該被作為犧牲的價值 同時也不應該被迴避 李明哲目前杳無音訊,他的妻子李凈瑜也決定親自前往北京營救,對此,中共國台辦主任張志軍只回應表示,有關部門會處理。另外,海基會中午也發出新聞稿指出,關於家屬請海基會寄送藥品乙事,會多管道持續協助。 記者 郭采彥 林志堅 台北報導

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