Recently, violence erupted once again in a hospital emergency room in Taichung, where five family members of a patient physically attacked four nurses for what they claimed to be "inappropriate attitude and bad service" As similar incidents frequently take place in Taiwan, yesterday, several medical professionals stood up for their colleagues and condemned such act of violence. Family members of a patient were beating up four nurses in the emergency room at Kuang Tien General Hospital, nurses were wounded. Many medical staff condemn such violence, and it frequently occurs at many hospitals in Taiwan. Nurses say such violence not only disturbs their works, but is also a serious damage to their morale. In emergency room, doctors and nurses have to be calm and make appropriate judgments on treatments. But often patients and families do not understand and therefore creating communication gaps. ==HUANG RUEI-FENG, Chairwoman of Greater Taichung Nurses Association== People often only think from their own perspectives, they think all medical staff should prioritize their needs. Many patients are not familiar with SOP of emergency treatment, plus they are often anxious, thus creating violence. For any violence happens in medical room, the criminal charge only fines the maximum from NT$30,000 to 50,000, and is indictable only upon complaint. ==TSAI CHI-HUNG, Chairwoman of Greater Taichung Medical Association== Patient can come to hospital at any time, to make retaliation or many things. Hospital in not mobile, but patient is. He or she can come back and look for trouble. For medical professionals suffered from such violence, they often chosen settlements to avoid retaliation. It has been hard to recruit and train medical staffs. Violence not only hurts passions and it further creates psychological shadows on medical students. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 傷者家屬在急診前大打出手,四名護理人員受傷掛彩,台中光田醫院,居然發生傷者家屬大鬧急診室,引發了各界關注,醫界更團結站出來同聲譴責。因為,在許多醫院,像是這樣案例層出不窮,基層醫護人員就表示,暴力事件不僅造成工作困擾,對護理人員士氣更是一大打擊,擔任護理工作三十幾年的護理師說,急診室因為經常面對突發性狀況,除了要冷靜面對之外,也要根據檢傷等級,做醫療流程判斷,但是常常因為民眾無法理解,造成溝通誤差 ==大台中護理師公會理事長 黃瑞芬== 民眾一定站在他自己角度 來思考 所以會認為 他到醫院裡面 所有醫療人員 都要以他的照顧為原則 為優先 許多患者因為不懂急診的SOP,加上心急溝通不良,很容易擦槍走火,導治急診暴力頻傳,而目前對醫院暴力只有刑法規定,最重只處以三到五萬,加上屬於告訴乃論,第一線醫護人員為了避免橫生事端,或是事後報復,都會選擇隱忍 ==大台中醫師公會理事長 蔡其洪== 病人隨時可以回到醫院來 對我們有報復 或是很多反應 因為隨時 醫院不會動 你病人是隨時 都可以回來(找麻煩)的 醫界認為,第一線醫護人員遇到類似事件,雖然覺得委屈,但是為了工作還是不會追究,導致類似事件一再發生,不僅可能衝擊到工作熱誠,也可能讓護理系的新血不敢投進急診室,讓第一線工作環境,更雪上加霜 記者 林健生 台中報導