KMT to Start Nominating on March 22 朱立倫:藍布局2024 人選預估3/22出爐

New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih then posted on Facebook that he opposes "black gold" politics, leading to speculations that he was referring to Legislator Fu Kun-chi's inclusion in the KMT's election strategy committee. Fu responded by asking Hou to "shoulder the responsibilities together" by announcing to run for the 2024 presidential election.

Fu Kun-chi, Legislator (KMT): “We are so, so grateful to Mayor Hou for taking time out from his busy schedule to care about how the KMT should transform and grow.”

Internal warfare seems to have begun for the KMT ahead of the 2024 elections. Legislator Fu Kun-chi's inclusion in the party's election strategy committee has sparked debate due to his past controversy related to organized crimes. New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih's posted on Facebook that he opposes "black gold" politics. In response, Fu made a statement on March 17, asking Hou to "shoulder the responsibilities together," and suggested that Hou becomes the presidential candidate himself and lead the planned legislative candidates to win the elections.

Fu Kun-chi, Legislator (KMT): “Hou Yu-ih, you're the most powerful mother hen, so I would like to ask you to publicly announce that you're going to run for president and personally lead the KMT legislators for Taiwan's 73 electoral districts in winning the 2024 presidential election.”

Hou Yu-ih, Mayor, New Taipei City: “I will say everything I need to say and do everything I need to do with regards to all matters. Everyone has their own role to play.”

Hou didn't directly respond to Fu's words. He only said that everyone has their own roles to play. He also said he strongly opposes "black gold politics" as a former police official. KMT Chairperson Eric Chu said the KMT's central nomination committee is the one that is in charge of nominating legislative candidates, and only candidates with no criminal records or controversial backgrounds will be nominated starting on March 22 after being approved by the committee.

Eric Chu, Chairperson, Kuomintang: “Our nomination committee will approve nominations on Wednesday. This has always been our system. The election strategy committee is an advisory unit and the nomination committee is our real decision-making unit. We will then ask the Central Committee to approve the nominations.”

Su Ching-chuan, Former Legislator: “We have to win the presidential election and over half of the legislative seats. The KMT needs to be in office and strive to bring the greatest benefits to the people.”

The KMT asked former Legislator Su Ching-chuan and others to join its election strategy committee on March 16. Chu thanked Su and others for taking on the responsibility, as all hands on deck is needed to help the KMT win constituencies in central and southern Taiwan.





國民黨立委傅崐萁表示:「最強母雞侯友宜 ,請你公開站出來,宣布參選總統。讓你一起帶領台灣73個單一選區的國民黨立委,能夠打贏2024的總統選戰。」

新北市長侯友宜回應:「面對所有的事情 ,我該說的話我都會說,該做的事我都會做,每一個人有自己的角色。」





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