Public Criticizes Six Makeup Work Days This Year 今年6補班日引民怨 人事長:擬每年不超過3次

In response to public anger, the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration says it is considering five proposals to cap the number of makeup work days at three per year.

Everyone enjoys long weekends, but not if they have to make up a work day on a Saturday. There are six makeup work days on the public calendar this year, including three in February and March. This means there are only seven non-work days in March.

Su Chun-jung, Minister, Directorate-General of Personnel Administration: “Do you all want a six-day Lunar New Year holiday in the future? Is that what you want? Do you all accept that? If so, that's great. That would give us more options to consider.”

Su Chun-jung says there are people that don't mind making up work days and the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration is considering different proposals for setting the number of makeup work days at a maximum of three. A final proposal will be sent to the Executive Yuan before the end of May with an announcement made before the end of June.

Lai Hsiang-lin, Legislator (TPP): “Lunar New Year's Eve, Lunar New Year's Day, Children's Day and the Tomb Sweeping Festival. So, are we no longer considering the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival?”
Su Chun-jung, Minister, Directorate-General of Personnel Administration: “That's one of the plans we're considering. One is solely the day before Lunar New Year's Eve, and the other is the day before Lunar New Year's Eve, the Tomb Sweeping Festival and Children's Day. Another is those plus the Mid-Autumn Festival and Dragon Boat Festival.”

If the current system remains in place, 2030 will be the next time there will be six makeup work days in a year. Ruling and opposition lawmakers are calling for more public holidays, as this is a trend being seen around the world and various western countries offering a four-day workweek.

Tseng Ming-chung, KMT Caucus Convener: “The more public holidays there are, the less working time there is. This is the way the world is going. If you legalize this, then you should set an upper and lower limit.”
Hua Ching-chun, Deputy Minister of the Interior: “This requires more discussion. I personally think more flexibility is a good thing.”

The Ministry of the Interior says it will take everyone's opinion into consideration. Currently, there are 115-116 public holidays a year. This number includes weekends.