Presidential Senior Advisor Koo Kwang-ming Dies at 97 總統府資政辜寬敏今辭世 享耆壽97歲

Taiwan independence activist and presidential senior advisor Koo Kwang-ming died at 97 years old on Feb. 27.

Koo Kwang-ming, President, Taiwan New Constitution Foundation: “I, Koo Kwang-ming, am always with the Taiwanese people. Koo Kwang-ming is merely one of the 23 million people.”

Spending his whole life pushing for Taiwan's independence, Presidential Senior Advisor and President of Taiwan New Constitution Foundation Koo Kwang-ming passed away at 8:55 a.m. on Feb. 27 at 97 years old, with his family beside him. The Taiwan New Constitution Foundation notes that Koo has completed his life journey; even during the past six months when he was undergoing medical treatment at the hospital, his heart still remained attached to Taiwan's future.

Lin Yi-cheng, Executive Director, Taiwan New Constitution Foundation: “There is more power to protect Taiwan. Mr. Koo who safeguards Taiwan's democracy, was still very concerned about the development even while undergoing treatment and taking care of his body.”

Koo Kwang-ming was born in 1926 and published in magazines such as Taiwan Veracity and Japan Reader's Digest. While he was acting as Committee Chair of World United Formosans for Independence in Japan, he started the 228 protest. In his old age, he founded the Taiwan New Constitution Foundation, continuing to advocate for Taiwan's new constitution movement. The white suit that was often worn by Koo Kwang-ming became his trademark style. Previously, he had expressed open stout support for William Lai to run for the presidency and called President Tsai Ing-wen to step aside. His last public appearance was attending a forum with Secretary-General to the President Lin Chia-lung in 2022.

Kuo Kuo-wen, Legislator (DPP): “An idealist from another generation has left us; we are thus borne with even heavier responsibilities now.”

Wang Hsing-huan, Chair, Taiwan Statebuilding Party: “The last time I visited Mr. Koo on Jan. 24, he was already mostly unconscious only occasionally awake.”

Politicians issued their condolences. President Tsai Ing-wen expressed her sorrow and condolences, grateful for his contributions in pushing for Taiwanization. DPP said that Koo spared no efforts in advocating for Taiwan's independence and sovereignty his whole life. Chairperson William Lai will personally attend and offer his condolences. Lai emphasized that he will continue to safeguard Taiwan's democracy, peace, and economic prosperity, while Lin Chia-lung posted his picture with Koo Kwang-ming in memory of his strong support openly against the then-government.

Koo Kwang-ming, President, Taiwan New Constitution Foundation: “Koo Kwang-ming will leave this society inevitably; however, Taiwan will survive forever.”

Premier Chen Chien-jen said Koo Kwang-ming's spirit and character will long live in everyone's heart. The memorial will open to the public after it is completely set up.














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