Sentence for Drunk Driving Increased to 9 Years and 10 Months 高雄酒駕男撞1家4口 二審改判9年10個月

In December 2021, a drunk driver surnamed Huang drove into a family of four in Kaohsiung. Huang was sentenced to seven years and 10 months in the first trial but prosecutors appealed. The judge overturned the verdict and sentenced Huang to nine years and 10 months in the second trial.

Mr. Lin, Victim: “The government and elected representatives including legislators are all accomplices. They ignore these recidivist drunk drivers on the roads who openly carry out massacres.”

Mr. Lin expressed his disagreement after hearing the verdict in the second trial. He said this verdict is equivalent to giving drunk drivers permission to wantonly kill pedestrians.

Mr. Lin, Victim: “My daughters and I need to face physical and mental therapy, plus the lengthy judicial process. I'm speaking frankly when I say that I have known for a long time that Taiwan's judiciary is very dark.”

On Dec. 26, 2021, Mr. Lin, his wife, and their two daughters were walking on a sidewalk in Kaohsiung when a drunk driver surnamed Huang hit them. Mrs. Lin died at the scene, Mr. Lin and the two daughters sustained serious injuries. In the first trial, the judge considered that Huang had braked to prevent an incident, concluded that this didn't constitute homicide, and sentenced him to seven years and 10 months. Prosecutors and the family appealed, and the verdict of the second trial was announced on Feb. 8. The original sentence was repealed and Huang's sentence was amended to nine years and 10 months.

Chiu Ming-hung, Chief Judge, Administrative Court, Kaohsiung Branch Court: “We determined that the injuries sustained (by Mr. Lin and his elder daughter) constituted serious injuries, which was different than the determination in the original trial (serious injuries couldn't be determined yet). However, the case didn't constitute homicide as defined by criminal law.”

The judge in the second trial considered that the incident resulted in victims who died or sustained hard to treat injuries, and also believed that the first verdict was too lenient. In addition, Huang has not compensated the victims. Huang was sentenced for drunk driving, not homicide. The verdict can be appealed. Mr. Lin said he will discuss with his lawyer whether to appeal after receiving the verdict.









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