Kaohsiung Residents Queuing for Viewing Social Housing Units 高雄首座社宅將開放申租 民眾排隊賞屋

The first social housing in Kaohsiung will be open for rental application starting on Feb. 7 to March 1. 

The first social housing development in Kaohsiung is located in Lingya District. It has two buildings, for a total of 245 apartments. The house is open from Feb. 1 to the 5th. Those who are interested in renting can apply from Feb. 7 to March 1.

Prospective Renter: “I hope to draw a 2-room or 3-room apartment because this is more in line with the needs of our small family.”

I'm currently moving back from Tainan, so I feel this would be really helpful for my application to go through for an apartment here. The room types offered in this development include single rooms, double rooms, and triple rooms suited for a family. Place for an apartment will be 9 to 33 pings with basic household appliances. The rental fee will be NT$3,900 to NT$18,600. Many house-seekers are looking to apply as the building's location is close to the train station and with its good school district. On the first morning of public viewing, there were more than 150 people who toured the homes. This is already half of the total number of houses available for rent. The city government estimates that the number of applicants will definitely exceed the total number of houses available.

Weng Hao-chien, Director, Residential Dev. Dept., Urban Dev. Bureau, Kaohsiung: “The number of applicants will exceed the number of homes available for rent. So we have to draw lots in a fair way in order to determine the eligible renters.”

People who have taken the number can view the house during the open house viewing period. The city government will conduct a qualification review after the application deadline on March 1. Within two months, a date will be set to draw renters fairly and openly. 




看屋民眾指出 :「希望可以抽中2房型或3房型,因為這樣比較符合我們小家庭的需求。」





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