Suspect in Vote-buying Case Remains at Large 台南正副議長賄選案 邱莉莉.林志展等交保

The Tainan City Council's speaker and deputy speaker have been charged with vote-buying offenses. Speaker Chiu Li-li and five others were questioned and posted bail. Former DPP Central Executive Committee member Kuo Tsai-chin was kept in detention while Yang Chih-chiang was released.

This is Tainan City Councilor Lin Yi-ting's service office. She's not there. Her father, Tainan City Fisheries Association Director-General Lin Shih-chieh, was previously summoned to meet prosecutors over the Tainan City Council speaker and deputy speaker vote-buying scandal. He has so far refused to show up. Prosecutors requested the detention of former DPP Central Executive Committee member Kuo Tsai-chin and Yuan Shan International Development Co. chairperson Yang Chih-chiang. They were questioned for 30 hours. At 11 p.m. on Jan. 4, a court ruled that Yang was free to go but would be recalled for questioning.

Yang Chih-chiang, President, Yuan Shan Int'l Development Co.: “The speaker election was monitored, and I was apparently mentioned during telephone conversations so I was called in to clarify the situation.”

Yang said he didn't support any speaker candidates, and the NT$8 million in cash that was found had a use.

Yang Chih-chiang, President, Yuan Shan Int'l Development Co.: “No, I absolutely did not (support a specific candidate for speaker). Former Speaker Kuo is a good friend of mine. (The NT$8 million) was mediation money to buy a piece of industrial land. They released it, I don't know. It's better this way, to have the cash go in and out, it's safer.”

Kuo was kept in detention and not allowed to have visitors because Lin failed to show up.

Liu Hsiu-chun, Presiding Judge, Admin. Court, Tainan District Court: “The judge believed that based on exhibits including the testimony of the witnesses in the detention application and communication surveillance transcripts, the defendant committed the offense of interference with voting, which violates the first provision of Article 142 of the Criminal Code, which is about interfering in the free exercise to the right to vote. This offense is major, there were discrepancies between his testimony and those of other witnesses, and some accomplices have not made court appearances, so the facts are sufficient to believe there is the possibility of collusion with accomplices.”

The prosecution will appeal the court's decision to release Yang without bail.

Hsu Chia-lung, Dep. Chief Prosecutor, Tainan District Prosecutors Office: “The prosecutor in charge will file an appeal as soon as possible after rectifying the evidence. The district prosecutors office urges the defendant surnamed Lin to appear and give testimony to clarify the facts of the case.”

Prosecutors and investigators believe Kuo manipulated the speaker election and used Yang and Lin as connections with councilors. Lin has not appeared in court yet. Prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant and are actively seeking him. Prosecutors are also trying to clarify Kuo's role in the "88 bullets shooting" in Tainan in November.














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