Tainan Police Officer Arrested for Intimidation 涉恐嚇取財拒捕 南市高階警官遭開槍制伏

A one-star rank police officer surnamed Chuang in Tainan, was arrested by Hsinchu police for allegedly intimidating and taking money. At first, he resisted arrest and tried to flee. Police then fired nine shots at his vehicle. Tainan City Police Commissioner Fang Yeang-ning admitted his subpar supervision and asked to be reprimanded. 

Tainan City police launched a 30-day extended inspection on the first evening of the the new year, hoping to ensure local security before and after the Lunar New Year festival. Mayor Huang Wei-che also attended the pre-inspection briefing.

Huang Wei-che, Tainan Mayor: “Citizens, please put your faith in our police. I trust the vast majority of police officers are honest and clean.”

The officer surnamed Chuang was the Office Chief of the Tainan City Police Department's Secretariat. He was suspected of intimidating and obtaining NT$10 million in Hsinchu County recently. He resisted arrest and tried to ram the police while a woman was in his car. The Hsinchu District Court ruled on the 1st that he could be released on NT$100,000 bail.

Tsou Mao-yu, Chief Prosecutor, Hsinchu District Prosecutors Office: “Our prosecutor determined Chuang to be a major criminal suspect after interrogating him. We asked the Hsinchu District Court to detain him. The court ruled that Chuang be allowed out on NT$100,000 bail.”

Although he received bail, the Tainan City Police believed that Chuang had abnormal relations with women. He was first punished with a major demerit and transferred to a non-supervisory position. Officers involved in crimes such as intimidation to obtain money will be suspended from duty.

Fang Yeang-ning, Commissioner, Tainan City Police Department: “Chuang was a supervisor and Director of the Secretariat Office. He couldn't contain himself. His illegal acts of intimidation were due to his improper relationships with women. Although he paid NT$100,000 on bail, he has not been convicted yet. But we still decided to suspend him.”

Chuang has been a police officer for more than 20 years. He has served as the deputy precinct director in Miaoli and Yilan counties. Chuang first served as the Inspector in Tainan City Police Department before serving as the Office Chief of the Secretariat. Fang admitted his supervision was not up to par and has asked to be reprimanded.

Fang Yeang-ning, Commissioner, Tainan City Police Department: “I personally didn't do well. I also need to face up to my responsibilities. I've asked the mayor and the National Police Agency's Director-General to be reprimanded.”

National Police Agency's Director-General Huang Ming-chao was saddened to hear the news. He said that if discipline was broken, he will not be lenient and administrative responsibility will be pursued depending on the circumstances of the case. 













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