Family of Huang Shih-jieh Accuses of Unjust Death for 3 Years 中尉黃志劼疑遭霸凌輕生 家屬控含冤3年

As the extension of military service triggered much attention, the family of a victim of wrongful death in the military accused that in 2020, army lieutenant Huang Chih-jieh, who was allegedly bullied and committed suicide; as such, they demand that this case be investigated.

The family of a victim of wrongful death in the military arrived at the presidential palace to deliver their petition, in which they stipulated that army lieutenant Huang Chih-jieh was allegedly bullied to death in 2020. The family charged that the injustice of Huang Chih-jieh's wrongful death has been sustained for three years.

Ms. Huang, Huang Shih-jieh's Sister: “Although there is a plan to extend compulsory military service, if internal management is not improved, people may die in the military before the war even breaks out. Also, the Ministry of National Defense does not seem willing to face these problems.”

As the family of a victim of wrongful death in the military made charges, the Control Yuan proceeded to order corrective measures to the Ministry of National Defense, yet after three months, the Ministry of National Defense failed to act or re-open the case for investigation. The family also raised three major demands in its petition, namely, re-investigate Lieutenant Huang's wrongful death case, the death payment reason amended from "sickness" to "public duty," and re-discipline relevant personnel committing malfeasance and dereliction of duty.

Lin Bing-fong, Secretary-General, Taiwan Jury Association: “We can actually see that after the Ministry of Defense proposed the Zero Self-harm Policy, the number of people committing self-injuries in the military increased year by year, from 10-something people each year to 20 now. In actuality, the Zero Self-harm Policy does not seem to have any effect.”

Lin Bing-fong further urged that the Ministry of National Defense should really address Control Yuan's order of correction and pay attention to human rights in the military, as well as re-establish Military Injustice Committee to actually safeguard the human rights of soldiers as opposed to merely treating the protection of human rights as a formality.








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