France, Argentina Set for World Cup Final 阿根廷國家隊 相隔8年再度闖進世足決賽

The 2022 World Cup final will take place on Sunday. Defending champion France will face off with Argentina, which last made it to the final 8 years ago. Many fans are willing to pay US$5000 to ticket scalpers to fulfill their dream of seeing the legendary Messi play for one last time. 

Many fans gathered outside the Doha hotel where representatives of Argentina's football federation are staying to ask for more official tickets for the 2022 World Cup Final. It has been 8 years since Argentina got into the final, and fans certainly do not want to miss Lionel Messi's final game for Argentina, and likely his last World Cup title before retirement. Ticket price for the final has been racked up from US$600 to US$5,000, according to the Associated Press. That is over NT$150,000 for one ticket. 

Bruno Migiaro, Argentinian Fan: “It's a lot of money that no one can pay, and official tickets are for 600 (US) dollars but not available so what we want is for them (AFA) to give us official tickets, we don't want AFA to give us anything, only official tickets so that people can buy them and go to the stadium.”

The 2022 World Cup final will be taking place at the Lusail Stadium on the 18th, where two-time champion Argentina is facing defending champion France. The Lusail Stadium's huge bowl shape is a nod to the decorative motifs found on bowls across the Arab world. The stadium holds over 80,000 people and is 20km north of central Doha. This is the fifth time that Argentina has competed in football at the Lusail but it is the first for the French team. Argentinian fans who have not been able to travel to Qatar for the games anticipate anxiously. French fans are filled with confidence that France can become the first team in 60 years to defend their championship title.  

Chams Houmadi, France Supporter: “I'm very happy that we've won, I'm overjoyed, and we're not afraid of Argentina nor of Messi because we beat them four years ago, they will try to beat us but we'll try and keep the trophy.”

After 62 matches among 32 teams for nearly a month, all eyes now fall on France and Argentina to see who is to lift up the World Cup trophy in 2022. Made of 18-carat solid gold, the trophy is 36.8cm high and weighs 6.175kg. Because the trophy had been infamously stolen twice, FIFA decided to stop lending the original trophy to the winning team. Since 2006, the original cup has only been given to the team during the official prize-giving ceremony before being retrieved by FIFA employees. The winning country is then given an exact replica of the original, with the original kept at the FIFA headquarter.








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