153 Construction Flaws in Danan Fire Brigade Building 「北景雲」大湳消防分隊廳舍 傳153項缺失

A badminton court's ceiling inside Taoyuan's Bade Public Sports Center collapsed due to an earthquake a few days ago. It is part of the city's NT$1.2 billion development plan and now it has been found that it's not the only project that has flaws.

The Taoyuan City Government's Peichingyun Development Plan cost a total of NT$1.21 billion. Among the plan, the badminton court's ceiling inside the Bade Public Sports Center collapsed due to a magnitude 6.8 earthquake, which measured only a 3 on Taiwan's 7-tier intensity scale in the city. It was also reported there are 153 flaws in the Danan Fire Brigade's building and dorms, which is also part of the development plan. Not only is there serious water leakage in the building, but there is also the risk of electrical shock.

Li Chia-min, Chief, Danan Fire Brigade, Taoyuan City Fire Dept.: “Some bedrooms have water leaks. Water will come out from the drain holes in the basement, causing water accumulation.”

Lai Yu-ting, Director, Public Works Dept., Taoyuan City: “There are over 100 flaws this year and they have been addressed one by one. And now, there are about 10 flaws left. We have monthly tracking of the work to address these 10 flaws.”

The Public Works Department stated that the building is still in the warranty period, and the contractors have successively repaired the water leakage. In the ongoing controversy over the development project, the KMT suspects there is an intermediary between Reiju Construction and Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan, and called for an investigation.

Ling Tao, Taoyuan City Councilor Candidate: “Who is Wang Hua-yu? Is Wang, who's on the board of directors of Reiju Construction Lungpang International, a former secretary of Mayor Cheng when he was the Director of the Government Information Office?”

Chan He-shun, Director, Public Information Dept., Taoyuan City: “There's no such thing as a middleman. This is a bad way to save the election. Low-level methods are really disgusting.”

Taoyuan's Public Information Department denied the KMT's accusations, saying it was a smear tactic. It stressed that the Bade Sports Center's bidding process was completely legal and transparent.