Man Arrested for Performing Illegal Surgeries 台中越籍移工當密醫 手術過程大膽直播

A Vietnamese migrant worker with a legal factory job has been arrested for performing invasive cosmetic surgeries on patients. With no medical training, he said he is self-taught by watching YouTube videos.

The National Immigration Agency's Specialized Operation Brigade in Taichung recently cracked an underground cosmetic medical ring whose services included fat-loss injections and hyaluronic acid injections for various body parts. The agents recovered anesthetics, Botox, deoxycholic acid, hyaluronic acid, and needles from unknown sources at the scene. The primary suspect, surnamed Hsieh, is a Vietnamese migrant worker with a factory day job. 

Immigration Agent: “Where do you inject this?”

Suspect Hsieh: “It's (NT$)3,000. One is NT$3,000. Into the jawline. ”

Tang Yu-tai, Deputy Chief, Taichung Specialized Operation Brigade, NIA: “The suspect, surnamed Hsieh, is a legal factory worker that has never had any medical training. He holds no medical licenses. He opened a beauty salon where he performed invasive surgical procedures including breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, jawline shaving, nose jobs, and liposuction.”

Hsieh apparently watched YouTube videos to learn how to perform these procedures and then purchased cosmetic injectables from Vietnam. He and four other migrant workers from Vietnam then opened a beauty salon as a front. Hsieh injected customers and performed invasive procedures, including boob and butt jobs, in a secret room. He raked in thousands to tens of thousands for every procedure. The Taichung City Health Bureau says Hsieh also failed to properly sterilize the operating room and his instruments.

Hung Chiao-ping, Medical Administration Specialist, Health Bureau, Taichung City: “We don't want injections of unknown origins to be administered, especially with instruments that have not been properly sterilized or by someone without the proper training and skills.”

Taichung prosecutors are now investigating the case. Hsieh and his partners face six months to five years in prison along with a fine of NT$300,000 to NT$1.5 million for violating Article 28 of the Physicians Act.











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