Lithuanian Trade Representative Office in Taipei Now in Operation 立陶宛駐台經貿代表處 本週已開始運作

The first Lithuanian representative appointed to Taiwan has ended his quarantine and applied for his diplomatic certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The Lithuanian flag is hung outside the TWTC International Trade Building. Its horizontal tricolor of yellow, green, and red stood out among other flags. Words come that the Lithuanian Trade Representative Office in Taipei is slated to start operation this week. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) confirmed that Paulius Lukauskas, who has been appointed to lead the trade representative office, has completed his quarantine upon reaching Taiwan and is in the process of applying for a diplomatic certificate.

Chen Li-kuo, Director-General, Dept. of European Affairs, MOFA: “He applied for a diplomatic certificate on the first working day after the Mid-Autumn Festival long weekend, which was Sept. 12. The Lithuanian Trade Representative Office in Taipei is considered in operation as soon as Paulius Lukauskas finished quarantine and reported to the office.”

The Lithuanian Trade Representative Office in Taipei is now in operation, but the office is not yet fully equipped. Will there be an opening ceremony? The MOFA said they are still communicating with the Lithuanian government for detail and will offer assistance whenever needed.

Chen Li-kuo, Director-General, Dept. of European Affairs, MOFA: “This is the fourth visit by a Lithuanian government official on a vice minister level. The Head of the new trade representative office Mr. Paulius Lukauskas will accompany the delegation as they make different visits throughout this trip. The MOFA would again like to extend our warmest welcome to them all.”

Meanwhile, Lithuania's Economy and Innovation Vice Minister Karolis Zemaitis also arrived in Taipei on the 10th, leading a delegation of 28 officials and representatives to further strengthen the relationship between Taiwan and Lithuania. Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs and External Trade Development Council together held a Taiwan-Lithuania Business Day on the 12th to explore business opportunities of over US$30 million for cooperation.









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