Robert Tsao Donating NT$3B for Defense Education 曹興誠批中囂張跋扈 捐30億推動國防教育

Robert Tsao, the honorary chairperson of chipmaker United Microelectronics Corp.(aka UMC) , held a press conference in the morning on Aug. 5. He criticized China's behavior and announced that he will donate NT$3 billion in his own name to promote national defense education. 

Robert Tsaok, Honorary Chairperson, United Microelectronics Corporation: “I will donate NT$3 billion, or about US$100 million, to help strengthen Taiwan's national defense.”

Robert Tsao announced he will donate about US$100 million. Tsao, an honorary chairperson of the United Microelectronics Corporation, said that his donation was neither for fame nor profit. His NT$3 billion donations were initially conceived to support Taiwan's national defense, and he hoped others will join him in donating.

Robert Tsao, Honorary Chairperson, United Microelectronics Corporation: “I want to promote national defense education to boost people's morale and publish a book against China's psychological warfare against Taiwan. We will create all kinds of audio and video as countermeasures against the CCP's internet attacks against Taiwan, such as hacking and other activities.”

Tsao criticized China for being arrogant and domineering, and for using force with military exercises as a hooligan. He also said that this military exercise reveals three types of people in Taiwan: the "ostrich" faction, the surrender faction, and the reunification faction. He believes Taiwan citizens should vote for candidates who identify with Taiwan at the year-end local elections.

Robert Tsao, Honorary Chairperson, United Microelectronics Corporation: “The CCP is a lawless mafia organization, which masquerades as a normal country. So today some Taiwanese say we want to unify with him. Unify with whom? You are unifying with hooligans! Are you going to unify with the mafia? We have to draw a clear line with these unificationists. And we also hope at this year end's election everyone will closely inspect these candidates. Does each candidate identify with Taiwan? If he or she agrees with the CCP hooligans and identifies with them, don't vote for him or her.”

Tsao believes Taiwanese agricultural and seafood products will be affected by China's sanctions, but there will have little impact on Taiwan's electronics industry. Taiwan has the world's leading semiconductor industry, which will not change much in five to ten years.