Taipei City Labor Commissioner Questioned for Corruption 北市勞動局長陳信瑜涉貪遭搜索 20萬交保

Taipei City Labor Commissioner Chen Hsin-yu has been suspected of falsely using her special fee budget. Prosecutors executed a search warrant on the 27th and questioned relevant people involved in the case. Chen was released on NT$200,000 bail after being questioned. Taipei City Ethics Department determined that Chen did not avoid conflicts of interest, which is illegal, in its own investigation.

Chen Hsin-yu, Commissioner of Taipei City Labor Department, has been accused of corruption. Prosecutors executed a search warrant on the 27th. Chen was brought in and questioned as a suspect. She was later released that night on NT$200,000 bail.

Reporter: “Do you feel aggrieved? What do you think about the issue of bail?”
Chen Hsin-yu, Commissioner, Labor Dept., Taipei: “I respect the decision.”
She did not directly answer any questions and left quickly in a car. Prosecutors interviewed Chen because she was suspected of illegally using her special allowance. She submitted receipts from tens to hundreds of NT dollars, mostly small expenses, such as treating colleagues to meals. Prosecutors also found most of these expenses submitted were during her vacation time and the locations were near her home. However, not only were receipts falsely submitted, she was also suspected of using her special allowance to procure goods from her husband's company.

Chen Chih-han, Spokesperson, Taipei City Gov't: “Our Ethics Department is also actively investigating. We did find that she did violate the Recusal of Public Servants Due to Conflicts of Interest Act. We actually already sent our investigation report to the Control Yuan. We will discuss later today whether she needs to take time off as commissioner or if we need to appoint an interim commissioner.”

It was revealed that Chen spent several tens of thousands of NT dollars buying wine from her husband's company. Taipei City Government stated that the Civil Service Ethics Department determined that Chen did not avoid conflicting interests, which is considered an illegal act. The report has already been sent to the Control Yuan. Chen continues to be imbedded in constant controversies. First, she was questioned for being administratively impartial. Now, prosecutors will investigate her for possible corruption crimes.