Taiwan Holds Han Kuang Military Exercise 漢光演習登場 民間車輛協助載運戰備物資

On the first day of the annual Han Kuang military exercise, the 10th Army Command commandeered private vehicles to transport supplies to the front line. Reservists trained under the new system also took part in the exercise for the first time.

Sixteen trucks stop at the checkpoint and the IDs of the drivers are checked. The trucks' lights and tire pressure are also inspected. The 38th Han Kuang military exercise debuted on the 25th, simulating a PRC attack on Taiwan. The 10th Army Command commandeered private vehicles to transport supplies including food, water and barbed wire. The 302nd Infantry Brigade retrained 307 reservists for the exercise. The Army says the exercise would show stronger combat abilities by soldiers and incorporate the seizure of private resources during wartime. One of the soldiers retired from the Military Police Special Services Company and was participating in an exercise as a reservist for the first time.

Chuang Tai-hsiang, Reservist: “Coming back here, I've learned how to use a firearm. You have to familiarize yourself with combat environments and be mentally and psychologically prepared to be on a battlefield.”

Chou Yu-chen, Army 302nd Infantry Brigade 1st Battalion Head: “The current reservist program follows the new system, so there's a lot of explaining that needs to be done. We ask the reservists to accommodate us. These supplies and vehicles will be transported to the front line for the exercise.”

Troops across the island took part on the first day of the exercise, with six Indigenous Defense Fighters flying between Taitung and Tainan and an F-16V flying between Chiayi and Taitung. Missile launchers with military police escorts were also spotted making their way to the Bainan River estuary to protect Chihhang Air Base. Meanwhile, a naval research vessel was seen in the waters between Taitung's Beinan River estuary and Green Island.







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