Soldier Hit by Tank Turret While Doing Maintenance 陸軍裝甲士兵全若堯 戰車整備時遭受重擊

The ambulance took the seriously injured soldier Chuan Jo-yao back to his hometown in Nantou's Xinyi Township. The medical staff tried their best to maintain his vital signs along the way. There were already many relatives and friends waiting for him at his home.

“Tell him he's home. You are back home. Everyone is waiting for you here. ”24-year-old Chuan's conditions still did not improve, despite nearly ten hours of rescue. His family reluctantly decided to take him off life support, with the blessings of friends and relatives. 

The accident happened at 8 a.m. on the 21st. The 8th Army Corps' 564 Armored Brigade was maintaining the CM-11 tank. However, the tank's turret did not move normally, due to abnormalities in its stabilization system. Chuan was hit by the weight plate next to the breech ring and lost his life. The family demanded that the truth be found as soon as possible.

Chuan Wen-tsai, Soldier's Uncle: “I sincerely hope that they will clarify the facts soon for us. Is there a need for just these four months of compulsory military service? Or do we need to extend it? It's something worth considering.”

Lin Ming-chen, Nantou County Magistrate: “They must strengthen inspection of problematic equipment to prevent such incidents. We are hoping, just like his father, these accidents don't happen again in this short term, four months of service.”

Nantou County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen came to pay his respects on the 22nd. He expressed he will also fully assist the family in related matters. The family believes that the current four-month compulsory service cannot fully implement training and demanded a review of the system. They are also asking for the cause of the incident to be investigated. The Army Command stated that it will investigate the responsibility of relevant personnel in response to the accident.

Chang Wei-hsin, Deputy Dir., Political Warfare Directorate, Army Command Headquarters: “We will implement a full investigation and review of logistics and maintenance. Appropriate punishment will be handed out to related violators as we abide by the principle of never being indignant.”

The Army said that in addition to apologizing and offering condolences, it will also follow the president's orders to clarify the accident's cause. It will also take care of Chuan's family members and give them preferential treatment. The best medical care will be given to the non-commissioned officer surnamed Chiang who is still hospitalized.