CECC Requests Enen Official Report 指揮中心要求提恩案報告 侯:按規定辦理

The CECC has demanded New Taipei City government to provide an official report on the enen case. Enen's father on the hand wants the central government to utilize public authority and obtain the critical horizontal communication records to restore the truth. 

Enen's father continued to investigate the truth behind the rescue process. Based on the recently exposed text message of New Taipei City Department of Health Deputy Commissioner Hsu Chao-cheng, in which he mentioned "concerns about delaying patient's treatment repeating again," Enen's father concluded that New Taipei City Department of Health obviously knew about the delay and demanded the truth. Confronted with this ongoing controversy, the CECC requested the New Taipei City government to provide an official report. Mayor Hou Yu-ih, when asked about this on June 29, said he will handle it in accordance with the regulations.

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor: “Since the official document arrived we can draft a more comprehensive report and then hand it over to the central government. (Will you give it to Enen's father?) I believe the central government requested it in writing.”

Chen shih-chung, CECC Director: “The official letter was issued yesterday because I've noticed during this time that there are certain details that are quite messy, such as timeline, etc. Having an official report can afford the public a fairer perspective in the future.”

Whether the report will be provided to the family or the public, Hou did not respond. He merely said that the central government had requested it in writing. With respect to this, Enen's father is not surprised and expressed his wishes that the New Taipei City government would not disclose the report, placing his expectations on the CECC, hoping that the central government, in its official capacity, can utilize public authority to obtain the critical horizontal communication records to put together the truth. 

Mr. Lin, Enen's father: “From wholehearted willingness to assist at the beginning to missing information here and there, to refuse to provide recordings, and finally to using irrelevant laws to cover up the truth, till now total slacking-off and being dysfunctional, ignoring any and all of my requests and declining to give me materials, I can accept all of this as normal.  ”

With respect to the New Taipei City government's previous report, Enen's father said the city government tried to cover up with more lies until the facts were exposed. They did not actually communicate the fact to the central government that Enen was already unconscious and in comatose. As such, he asked Hou Yu-ih not to shield himself from front-line staff and to seriously resolve the problem pragmatically.










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