KMT Names Chang as Taoyuan Mayoral Candidate 藍營提名張善政選桃園 呂玉玲.羅智強不滿

The Kuomintang nominated former Premier Simon Chang as its candidate for Taoyuan City mayor on May 18. Other potential candidates expressed their dissatisfaction with the nomination process, while Taoyuan City Council Speaker Chiu Yi-sheng left the KMT's LINE group as a protest.

A Taoyuan City Council candidate presents a TVBS poll showing that residents support the candidacy of former Taipei City Councilor Lo Chih-chiang for Taoyuan City mayor, and urged the Kuomintang to conduct another poll.

Mao Chia-ching, Taoyuan City Council Candidate: “With regards to opinion polls and Lo Chih-chiang, it's true that he's the strongest candidate within the party. This holds true when he's pitted against Chen Shih-chung and Cheng Yun-peng. Another opinion poll should be held with Simon Chang and even Eric Chu added to the mix.”

The KMT made a surprise announcement on May 18 that it has nominated former Premier Simon Chang as its candidate for Taoyuan City mayor. Party members that were interested in running were shocked and upset. Lo, who was actively pursuing the nomination, posted about his astonishment and mixed feelings on Facebook. KMT Legislator Lu Yu-ling criticized the party's central committee and said she cannot accept the decision.

Lu Yu-ling, Legislator (KMT): “The KMT is an open-and-shut party, but it deliberately engaged in black box operations and skipped over mechanisms to nominate a special municipality mayoral candidate. This is really messed up, and I can't accept it.”

The decision to nominate Chang is putting party solidarity to the test. Taoyuan City Council Speaker Chiu Yi-sheng has already left the KMT's LINE group, and there are reports he resigned as the chairperson of the party's local headquarters. Legislator Lu Ming-che, who was also interested in running, and Wan Mei-ling, who was considered to be another candidate, both urged the central committee to start making amends.

Lu Ming-che, Legislator (KMT): “The end of the nomination process is the start of integration. If we continue talking about this, the scars may deepen. We would like to see a warm integration process.”

Wan Mei-ling, Legislator (KMT): “I don't even want to think about our chances of winning the year-end elections if there is no solidarity. I think the top priority of the central committee now is to identify the optimal time for making amends.”

There are reports that KMT Chairperson Eric Chu consulted with Han Kuo-yu before making the announcement. However, Han posted on Facebook on May 18 that he hopes the central committee can communicate and coordinate fully when nominating, as well as consider the feelings and interests of members to achieve solidarity.











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