2021 TRA Accident Report Released 太魯閣翻車報告 稱借牌投標成間接事故原因

The final report regarding the 2021 Taroko Express train derailment has been released, which points out six abnormal events that led to the accident. Meanwhile, contractors borrowing company names to bid for projects was one of the indirect reasons for the tragedy. 

Lin Pei-da, Chief Investigator, Transportation Safety Board: “He borrowed the name of a company to make a bid. Afterwards, he was unable to honor the terms of the agreement. This resulted in delays and pressure. We also discovered that this contractor was a construction site field director. However, the Construction Industry Act stipulates that field directors may not concurrently assume the position of the person in charge of a construction company. We discovered that one person holding both these positions of field director and person in charge of a construction company is a violation of the Construction Industry Act. We also discovered that there were no records of Taiwan Railways, including its dedicated manager and supervisors, discovering the illegally overlapping identities. In our investigation, we also found that the Public Construction Commission had four systems that did not have the function to interface or verify.”

The report said the MOTC and TRA had failed to identify potential operational hazards, and didn't  implement access control checks at the construction site. Transportation Safety Board Chairperson Hong-tsu Young said the TRA currently has 300 construction sites and suggested  differentiating between railway safety supervision, railway engineering, and railway operations.






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