Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen in Isolation at Home 盧秀燕居隔中 召開視訊防疫會議

Taichung City Mayor Lu Shiow-yen started isolating at home on the 27th due to contact with visitors diagnosed with COVID-19. City government officials said the city's administration won't be affected.

The Taichung City Government's anti-epidemic meeting was held as usual. All bureau heads were present, but the mayor was not. Mayor Lu Shiow-yen, who is in isolation at home, joined the meeting via the internet.

Lu Shiow-yen, Taichung City Mayor: “The health bureau and the police department need to have good communications as we dismantle digital monitoring.”

Lu once again stated that she was in good health, and later held several meetings via video conference, emphasizing that the city's administration would not be interrupted. Lu received visitors around 1 p.m. on the 26th. After she finished the epidemic prevention press conference on the 27th, she learned that her visitor was diagnosed with the virus via a PCR test. Lu immediately started her 3+4 home isolation. She said that she is currently in good health, and she can also check whether there is any problem with the new epidemic prevention system. Information Bureau director Cheng Chao-hsin said two other employees, including the municipal consultant Huang Kuo-wei, all tested negative with rapid tests. All three are currently isolating at home.

Cheng Chao-hsin, Information Bureau Director, Taichung City: “It took me about three minutes to complete my information. The mayor told us she filled out this simple survey faster, in about 90 seconds. We also have this opportunity to experience and test Taichung City's new online form for home isolation to see if it is convenient.”

Cheng said although he is isolating at home, he is still working throughout the day. In addition to the epidemic prevention meeting, the online epidemic prevention press conference will also be held as usual, but participation will be via video. He emphasized the city government is promoting self-contact tracing to speed up home isolation to reduce pressure on epidemic prevention personnel. 








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