Infected Cases Could Reach 10,000 People Per Day 專家估未來恐日增萬人確診 當務之急減災

The number of confirmed domestic cases of COVID-19 exceeded 1,000 on the 15th. Experts predict it's possible the number of confirmed cases per day could reach the 10,000 level in the future. The top priority now is to prevent and reduce a major disaster.

Passengers arriving at the airport must undergo COVID-19 screening. However, there is a suspected epidemic prevention loophole. At 4:30 p.m. on April 12, 6 passengers from a foreign airline at Taoyuan International Airport were confirmed with the virus after undergoing screening. Because there were not enough ambulances, the confirmed patients waited at the airport for 8 hours before being transported to the centralized quarantine center for quarantine. The airport's ground staff are worried that this may increase the infection risk.

Reporter: “How long will it take? ”

Taoyuan Airport Ground Staff: “Not sure. If there's an ambulance available, the patient will be taken away immediately.”

Reporter: “The wait is long if there's no ambulance available. ”

Taoyuan Airport Ground Staff: “The patient just has to wait. ”

The number of confirmed domestic cases of COVID-19 exceeded 1,000 on the 15th, reaching a new record high. Experts estimate it is possible that even more than 10,000 people per day can be infected in the future. The top priority now is to reduce a major disaster. The elderly should get fully vaccinated. Antiviral drugs must be prepared so we can gradually coexist with the virus.

Huang Li-min, Honorary Chairperson, Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan: “You have to get vaccinated. If there is a problem, hurry up and see a doctor. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Wear a mask and wash your hands frequently. Once you're sick or suspected of being infected, hurry up and see a doctor.”

It has been reported that two reporters who attended the home care press conference held by New Taipei City Government on the 14th tested positive. Mayor Hou Yu-ih, CECC Commander Chen Shih-chung, and Spokesperson Chuang Jen-hsiang were all present. Hou immediately tested negative with a screening test. Chen and Chuang only needed to monitor their own health. This double standard has been questioned by others.

Huang Kao-pin, Deputy Director, Center for Infection Control, China Medical University Hospital: “There's an incubation period after being infected. In terms of the incubation period, it's normal to say that when symptoms appear, it means the patient's viral load has risen to a level where it should be easier to detect through a screening test.”

Experts emphasized that the increasing number of confirmed cases is inevitable. The Ministry of Health and Welfare has held medical response meetings with all counties and cities in Taiwan, and will start a Taiwan-wide home care plan as soon as next Monday. People with mild or asymptomatic symptoms can be quarantined and cared for at home. Details have not yet been finalized and will be officially announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center. 





記者詢問桃機地勤人員大概要等多久? 地勤人員回答,「不一定啦,它有車子它就送走啦。」記者又問「沒有車子就等很久就對了」,地勤人員表示就再繼續等。