Doctors Deliver Baby of COVID-19 Patient 台中確診孕婦剖腹產 嬰3次PCR採檢陰性

A pregnant Taichung resident recently tested positive. Doctors performed a C-section and the mother and child are both in good health. The child tested negative three times in a PCR test.

Medical personnel in full personal protective equipment form a circle as they boost each other's morale before heading into the operating room. A Taichung resident in her 30s and in her 39th week of pregnancy tested positive in a PCR test on April 4 after experiencing a dry cough and runny nose. She was hospitalized inside a negative isolation ward at Taichung Veterans General Hospital. On April 9, a C-section lasting 90 minutes was performed and her baby was successfully delivered.

Chen Hui-chin, Nurse, Taichung Veterans General Hospital: “I was in full protective gear at that time, so I was completely drenched in sweat. However, it was all worth it because we successfully performed the hospital's first C-section on a COVID-19 patient.”

This was the first time that the hospital handled childbirth involving COVID-19. Medical personnel ran through the drill four times and the doctor that performed the incision wore four layers of gloves. The baby tested negative in three PCR tests, and the mother is recuperating inside the negative isolation ward. They are currently being cared for separately.

Lin I-hsuan, Doctor, Children's Medical Center, Taichung VGH: “We're being very cautious right now as the domestic epidemic situation is not very clear. We asked the mother to pump breastmilk, and conducted a PCR test. It was negative, and the antibody level was very high.”

The hospital said the mother is recuperating well, and her urinary catheter and IV have already been removed. She can be reunited with her baby and return home once she meets the requirements to end quarantine.





台中榮總護理師陳惠錦表示 :「當時我全副武裝且汗流浹背,但是我覺得這些汗都沒有白流,因為我們終於圓滿完成本院第一例新冠肺炎確診產婦的剖腹產。」