Will School Air Conditioning Plan Lead to More Blackouts? 「班班有冷氣」政策 柯文哲憂「班班都跳電」

The central government wants to install air conditioning units in every classroom in Taiwan. However, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je pointed out this will result in more blackouts if the government doesn't first upgrade electrical networks.

The Tsai administration announced a NT$100 billion plan to upgrade Taiwan's power grid after the islandwide blackout on March 3. Lawmakers expressed concerns that a big problem will emerge with Taipower's finances if it is made responsible for this sum. Economic Affairs Minister Wang Mei-hua says her ministry will ask the Executive Yuan for the funds.

Hsieh Yi-fong, Legislator (KMT): “So you'll ask Taiwan Power to submit the power grid plan and budget at the end of the month, is that correct?” Wang Mei-hua, Economic Affairs Minister: “ Yes. Yes.” Hsieh Yi-fong: “And then you'll ask the Executive Yuan to provide (the funds) as a special budget for Taiwan's power grid? Is that right?” Wang Mei-hua: “We don't know how the Executive Yuan will allocate the funds. We have to confirm it with them.”
In light of Taiwan's power shortage, there are concerns about the planned installation of air conditioning units in every primary and secondary school classroom across the island. The Tsai administration has allocated over NT$30 billion to the plan. Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je has pointed out schools' existing circuits won't be able to cope with the additional power demand. Wang says the plan covers circuit upgrades, including an allocation of over NT$500 million for Taipei alone.

Wang Mei-hua, Economic Affairs Minister: “The circuits include the circuits inside and outside schools. To upgrade these circuits, we have to -- we also thank our colleagues at the Taipei City Government and other local governments. They are all working with Taipower on this.”

Wang also said supplementary measures like the installation of solar panels on campuses would be implemented.





國民黨立委謝衣鳳說:「所以你會請台電在四月底提出這些,關於電網強韌計畫,所有的預算概算,對不對? 」經濟部長王美花回應「是」,謝衣鳳又問:「然後再交由行政院,然後爭取,希望行政院給予特別預算的方式,來做這個整個台灣電網的補助嘛,是不是?」對此王美花表示:「行政院用什麼樣的科目,這個我們還要再跟行政院確認。」


經濟部長王美花說: 「這個線路有這個學校裡面的線路,跟學校外面的線路,事實上這個線路的改善,我們其實也謝謝包括台北市的市府的同仁也好,其他各地方政府的同仁也好,都是跟我們台電一起合作。」