TRA Train Accident Reported in Miaoli; 1500 Passengers Affected 台鐵苗栗南勢隧道1死事故 影響1500旅客

A man died after he jumped in front of a local train as it was passing through the Nanshi Tunnel near Miaoli on the 4th, affecting over 1,500 passengers. The police is still investigating the case. 

Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) workers quickly set up stepping plates in between and assisted passengers in getting off and on to another train. Police also arrived at the scene for investigation. The train driver was still frightened as he recounted what had happened. 

Mr. Lin, Driver of TRA local train: “It happened within a matter of seconds. He hid in the tunnel and jumped out as the train drove through. ”

A man suddenly jumped out in front of the TRA train no. 2011 as it drove through Nanshi Tunnel in Miaoli at around 7 a.m. on the 4th. The man was killed on the spot although the train had braked immediately. Police later found the man's belongings in the tunnel.

TRA said that the local train no. 2011 departed from Hsinchu early in the morning and was heading towards Changhua. TRA quickly opened the main west line track between Miaoli and Tongluo for trains to go both directions while arranging another local train going down south for passengers from train no. 2011 to finish their trip.

Passenger: “(The train got delayed.) I know. (Do you know why?) I don't know. ”

Wu Chao-ti, Stationmaster, Miaoli Train Station: “Passengers are brought to Tongluo Train Station and we have arranged another train to pick them up to continue on their journey. The police have taken over the investigation into the train accident.”

It is the third day of the Qinming Festival long weekend and the railway passenger flow remains high. TRA staff members in the area were caught off guard by the accident and were very busy taking care of the aftermath. Although train services went back to normal at around 8:50 a.m., the accident had caused delaying of eight trains with about 1500 passengers affected. The police are currently investigating the train accident involving the seemingly suicidal man.