Squirrel Causing Power Outage in Xiaogang, Kaohsiung 高雄小港1910戶停電 松鼠碰高壓線導致

Power went out in Xiaogang District of Kaohsiung early morning on April 1, and a squirrel seemed to be the cause of the power outage. In Shitan Borough of Kaohsiung, water outages have been going on for almost a week. Residents expressed their dissatisfaction.

Customers at the hair parlor had to wait for the power to come back on to finish their haircuts. A squirrel has been blamed for the power outage on several roads in Xiaogang District of Kaohsiung earlier this morning around 7 a.m. on April 1. It seemed to have come in contact with live wires. A total of 1,910 households were affected for 40 minutes.

Kaohsiung resident: “I'm not done washing my load. It was going to go into a spinning cycle and the power went out. I'm still in the middle of washing and it's really inconvenient.”

Kaohsiung resident: “The power outage is frustrating. It's hard for elders to go to the restroom because it's dark. It's hard to find the way when it got dark all of a sudden.”

Some parents could not take their kids to school on time since the rolling metal door to their garage could not work without electricity. Some had to rewash their clothes because washing machines stopped running. Animals quite often are the cause of power outages; residents feel that authorities should do more to deal with this problem. Taipower said that power came back in the area by 8:43 a.m. Meanwhile, residents in Shitan Borough in Gangshan District of Kaohsiung suffered from almost a week of water outage.   Residents have not been able to wash their clothes during this period of time. This made any kind of washing and even going to the restroom very difficult. People are very frustrated.

Shitan resident: “It's been three days. We've been getting water from the water truck. Our arms are about to break from carrying these water buckets.”

Shitan resident: “We come every day for water. The borough chief told us yesterday that water would be back at around 10 a.m., but it didn't happen.”

According to local Shitan residents, water pipes got repeatedly damaged during a road widening project going on in the area, causing water to be cut off already for four days straight. 

Liao I-cheng, Shitan Borough Chef: “If we can't have water back by today, we want to call for a stop to the road widening project.”

The local borough chief communicated with the Taiwan Water Corporation to have them send water trucks over for rescue. Residents say that while it is understandable that road projects would result in water outages, damages should be kept minimal since they cannot deal with water outages for too long.  















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