Two Additional Cases to Zhonghe Building 中和同棟大樓6確診 侯友宜證實又增2例

New Taipei City reported 6 confirmed cases in a building in Zhonghe District. After testing, Mayor Hou Yu-ih said two additional cases were confirmed; as such, he hopes that residents can voluntarily go test, to identify the invisible transmission chain.

As domestic COVID-19 continues to spread, six cases are confirmed in a Zhonghe building on the 29th. The police blockaded the area and evacuated the building. The New Taipei City Government mobilized emergency screening stations and tested 2 additional positive cases. Mayor Hou Yu-ih notes that the two additional cases overlap previously confirmed cases tracks, and relevant contacts have been identified.

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor: “As of now, we will mobilize our PDF plan (Plan for Disaster Preparedness and Response), and we welcome all residents to come test at our 31 screening stations. New Taipei City had already been in full preparation mode for a while, hoping to stabilize the pandemic.”

As COVID-19 continues to spread in the Zhonghe District, a teacher at Hsinan Elementary School in Taipei also resides in a Zhonghe community and was tested positive. The 30 students in the class are suspended from school for prevention purposes. In addition, a parent of a student at DaoJiang High School of Nursing and Home Economics was also tested positive. After the student was self-quarantined and tested, she also tested positive. The school has initiated contingency measures. 

Kuo Shu-hui, Parent, DaoJiang High School of Nursing and Home Economics: “This class is very simple. There is no cross-grade, cross-district, cross-class, or mixing. Only students in this class have classes together so their contacts are quite a few. Our school has finished routine sterilization and disinfection with enhanced sterilization these two days.”

In addition, the other confirmed case is a student at an affiliated preschool of an elementary school. The school pointed out that because the student had been in contact with confirmed cases, the student had taken a leave of absence on the 29th. The preschool decides that it will suspend classes for 10 days starting March 29. 




新北市長侯友宜表示: 「目前我們會全力啟動我們的平寧計畫,然後我們的31處篩檢站,也歡迎市民朋友來篩檢,因為新北市從前段時間,就全力的備戰,希望把疫情更穩。」


稻江護家校長郭淑蕙說明: 「這個班級就是很單純,就是也沒有跨班、跨區、跨課,都沒有,就是很單純自己班上的一個上課,所以接觸的人也比較少,學校也都完成一些固定的清消,昨天今天都加強清消。」