Traffic Throughout Taiwan Affected by Power Outage 全台大停電 各地交通大亂受困電梯頻傳

Major power outages occurred in many cities and counties. Traffic lights were out, causing traffic chaos. There were also more than 100 cases of people trapped in elevators.

Firefighters of New Taipei City's Tucheng rushed to the scene to rescue people who were trapped in an elevator. Throughout this morning, more than a hundred such cases were reported all around New Taipei City, Taipei City, and Keelung. Power outages occurred in many of Taiwan's counties and cities. There were many different situations in various places. The power outage also affected traffic lights. 

The traffic signal stopped. Police were assigned to direct traffic at the intersection to prevent a car accident. However, traffic lights were not working in many areas. Some people who were eager to cross the road were stopped by a police whistle. Motorcycle riders can only take the time and pass carefully at some intersections that lacked police guidance. Traffic jams resulted on roads where traffic lights were offline, with rows of vehicles backed up. In addition to the traffic, stores and shops were also affected for a time.

Store Owner: “Our power is out. Our metal door isn't opened so there's no way for us to do business. There seems to be no electricity over there also.”

Store Owner: “The refrigerator has no electricity. I am afraid our food ingredients will be damaged.”

The small eatery is open for business, but facing a power outage. The store owner is worried that all the food may spoil as the refrigerator is out of power. 

A well-known mochi shop continued business in the dark. The owner had to check out customers in the long line. People exercising in the gym also had to temporarily stop. Employees at a company meeting could only use the light source of mobile phones instead of the regular lighting. The power outage has affected people's lives and everyone hopes that power can be restored as soon as possible. 










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