3 More Toddlers Subjected to Child Abuse at Huaxing Daycare Center 台中華興托嬰中心虐童案 再傳3童受害

The child abuse case at Taichung's Huaxing Daycare Center continues to snowball, as a parent said he believed that at least 8 out of the ten students in the class were abused to some extent, and accused that the authorities aren't revealing the entire truth. The city government has not yet offered an explanation, only saying they will verify and punish those who broke the law. 

The footage showed how the teacher first tried to stick a pacifier in the child's mouth as the child cried lying on the floor, then the teacher decided to just throw the blanket over the child's face. The child struggled, feeling smothered. Further evidence of child mistreatment at the Huaxing Daycare Center in Taichung Nantun District came to light as new footage was discovered. One parent surnamed Wang said she finds it totally unacceptable how the authorities seem to turn a blind eye to what is happening and that the truth has to be squeezed out bit by bit.

Mrs. Wang, Parent of child abuse victim: “The case has been held down I feel. The Social Affairs Bureau kept trying to appease the parents, to calm us down individually, but I am asking them to meet all parents affected together as a group, to apologize and to provide us with some explanation.”

Taichung City Mayor Lu Shiow-yen made a public apology on the 18th and formed a special task force for further investigation. The Taichung Social Affairs Bureau confirmed on the 22nd that there are three more cases of child mistreatment at the same daycare center. Two more caregivers are to be investigated for allegations of child abuse, which brings to a total of three caregivers.

Peng Huai-chen, Director, Social Affairs Bureau, Taichung: “Violations are loud and clear. We will verify and punish.”

Another parent under the code name H said at least eight out of the ten toddlers in the class got mistreated. He suspected that the bureau is not telling the truth entirely. Some parents have not yet received any explanation from the bureau, he said.

Mr. H, Parent of child abuse victim: “I talked to other parents this morning and they said no, they haven't received any calls from the bureau. I haven't received any calls yet either. If you are sincerely sorry, you should be straightforward about this whole thing and handle things immediately and openly.”

Many parents have reported to the police that their children have been subjected to child abuse. The bureau said they will make sure to enhance inspection over future child abuse reports and footage involved. They will inspect child care centers more frequently and increase penalty fines for violations. They will also hire professionals to better manage and preserve video evidence.