Career Expands Screenings at Shulin Plant 嘉聯益樹林廠擴大採檢 14人採檢陽性

Career, a large flexible printed circuit board manufacturer, immediately shut down its Shulin plant after a female migrant worker was confirmed on the 9th. So far, 14 people have tested positive. Most of them are migrant workers. 

Career, a large flexible printed circuit board manufacturer, immediately shut down their Shulin plant after a female migrant worker was confirmed with COVID-19 on the 9th. The company has expanded screening of its employees and also the same dormitory where the female worker lived. At present, 1,762 people have been tested, and 14 people have tested positive. Some are foreign migrant workers.

Hou Yu-ih, Mayor, New Taipei City: “They have conducted screenings all night from last night until just before I came. We'll check out the situation now. There are 14 positive confirmed cases. Most are foreign workers. The Shulin factory is basically in contact with the Taoyuan factory and other company divisions. We are still doing an epidemic tracing to determine the detailed source of the infection.”

Is the cluster infection related to the dormitories' management since migrant workers are all staying in them? Hou Yu-ih said that everyone gathered together during the Lunar New Year Festival. These next two weeks are an observation period, hoping that the epidemic can be effectively controlled during this time. As for New Taipei's cluster case of the family of four, after the younger sister was first diagnosed, her boyfriend's mother also tested positive. The source of infection is still being investigated. There are many companies in the same building where Deloitte Taiwan, the accounting firm that the older sister works at, is located. A total of 7,000 people are to be tested.

Tsai Ping-kun, Deputy Mayor, Taipei City: “We are using all the resources and power that the Taipei City Hospital system has to offer. We hope that these people can go do their PCR screenings at any of our branches. Going for a screening I think is a common concern for everyone. I hope we can accomplish this together because after all, it involves everyone's common security.”

Taipei City will slightly lower epidemic regulations on the 15th if the situation stabilizes, which will allow elderly people to eat meals together and food can be also allowed in movie theaters. New Taipei City has already resumed both of these activities.