SMS Contact Tracing Enforced at Kaohsiung Markets 高雄至昨已50例確診 市府稽查實聯制

The number of COVID-19 cases in Kaohsiung reached 50 on Jan. 24. Inspections were carried out at traditional markets to ensure that people were wearing masks and scanning QR codes.

This is a traditional market in Kaohsiung's Gushan District. There are vendors both inside the market and in the surrounding area. To enter the market, including the surrounding area, people have to scan the contact tracing text messaging service's QR codes twice. Those who tried to force their way in were blocked.

“Please leave your contact information over here before entering.”The city government stepped up inspections on Jan. 25 to ensure that people were using the contact tracing text message service and that businesses were enforcing QR code scanning. It said violators would be fined a minimum of NT$3,000. A preliminary investigation showed that 95 percent of people and businesses were compliant. There were only a few violators.

Vendor: “(You're not even removing the cover?) No, no. (Why not?) For disease prevention. You have to do disease prevention well.”

Resident: “(Are you feeling more nervous than usual?) No, because the epidemic has been ongoing for a period of time.”

The city government also made sure eateries were compliant. It said that if it finds violators and they refuse to comply, then eating in will be banned. The city government also requested that every member of a party scan QR codes because sometimes the system produces garbled characters instead of the complete information if people scan in groups.

Pan Chao-ying (Jan. 24, 2022), Senior Specialist, Dept. of Health, Kaohsiung City: “When people scan in groups, garbled characters are produced. If everyone has a phone, then everyone should scan the code.”

The epidemic situation is worsening, and Kaohsiung has banned eating in at chain restaurants. Starting on Jan. 23, eating in was also banned at other eateries. People can only pick up food themselves or have it delivered. These measures are expected to be in effect for two weeks, and then adjusted depending on the epidemic situation.





來到高雄鼓山第一市場 ,當地有外圍攤商也有市場內的攤販。若要進市場內,包括外圍實聯制在內要掃兩次,卻有民眾想硬闖被攔阻。


記者問:「布都沒有拿下來嗎? 」攤商表示:「對對,防疫呀,防疫要做好。」

記者詢聞民眾對於防疫這塊是否感到緊張? 民眾說:「不會,現在因為疫情已經延燒一段時間了。」