HK Police Search Stand News; Denise Ho Also Arrested 港警清晨搜「立場新聞」 拘捕何韻詩等6人

Hong Kong Police's National Security Department conducted a multi-front search of The Stand News' office and arrested 6 current and former senior executives. Former director and Hong Kong singer Denise Ho also confirmed her arrest on Facebook. 

Hong Kong Police's National Security Department arrived at the residence of Ronson Chan, the deputy assignment editor of Internet media The Stand News and current chairperson of the Hong Kong Journalists Association, at 6 a.m. on the 29th. They held a court order, charging Chan with violating "conspiracy to publish seditious publications" and arrested him immediately. Chan immediately picked up his mobile phone to broadcast live on Facebook but was quickly stopped by the police. Hong Kong Police sent multiple teams to arrest six former and current high-level executives at The Stand News. 

Hong Kong singer Denise Ho, a former director of The Stand News, also confirmed on Facebook that she was arrested at six in the morning and is now being taken to the Western Police Station. She later reported on Facebook again that she was safe, saying, "I am in a good mood. For friends who care about me, please don't worry." She was originally scheduled to hold seven concerts in Hong Kong from September 6 but the venue canceled her performances without warning. Ho then insisted on holding an online concert. The online concert was originally scheduled to be held on January 2. Now she was arrested and is afraid that her online concert will be canceled. 

According to a report by the Hong Kong Citizen News, besides Ho, 5 more people from The Stand News were also arrested, including former editor-in-chief Robert Chung, former directors Chou Ta-chih, Margaret Ng, and Christine Fang, as well as Chief Editor Lin Shao-tung. Ronson Chan was not on this list. 

The Hong Kong police said the court warrants were issued based on Article 43 of the Hong Kong National Security Law. A total of 200 uniformed and plainclothes police officers were dispatched to search The Stand News' office in Kwun Tong District. The search operation is still ongoing.








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