Mailiao to Retire Coal-fired Generators 麥寮電廠3燃煤機組除役後 擬轉型燃氣電廠

Formosa Plastics said it has submitted its plans to the authorities to transform its power plant in Mailiao into a gas-fired power plant. The Yunlin County Government and nearby residents are calling on the company to ensure safety and environmental protection.

Formosa Plastics' sixth naphtha cracker complex has been operating in Yunlin for more than 20 years but Mailiao Power Plant has 3 coal-fired generators that will be decommissioned in 2024 and 2025 respectively. To comply with the central government's zero-emission policy, the power plant will build two gas-fired generators for power generation. A LNG receiving terminal will also be built at Mailiao Industrial Port.

Tsao Ming, President, Formosa Petrochemical Company: “Nuclear energy will also be abolished. You already lack natural gas. The government policy is to use 50 percent natural gas, 30 percent coal, and 20 percent green energy. This is the government's policy. In Taiwan, if you are going to reduce carbon and air pollution, you need to find a way to change from coal to natural gas.”

Formosa Petrochemical stated that a public hearing was already held in Mailiao Township in August this year regarding its transition to LNG. An environmental impact study has also been submitted to the Environmental Protection Administration and the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Bureau of Energy and Industrial Development Bureau for review. The Yunlin County Government stated that Mailiao Power Plant's transformation must consider work safety and environmental protection.

Chang Li-shan, Magistrate, Yunlin County: “The entire energy transition is a very important matter. So there must be a comprehensive package and measures. The terminal location must be far away from the oil tanks and all safety zones for it to be built.”

Wu Ming-i, Mailiao Township Representative: “There are more or fewer accidents every year. The Mailiao area and environment are harsh. So the future maintenance of these pipelines is a local security issue.”

Local residents said that Mailiao Power Plant's plan to switch from coal to LNG can meet the residents' long-term desire to improve air quality. However, residents are also worried about pipeline accidents in the future. They hope that Mailiao Power Plant can ensure the safety of residents and complete its energy transition. 









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