Kao Chia-yu Case Snowballs into Vaccine Privilege Scandal 高嘉瑜事件案外案 游淑慧控林男特權接種

The suspect in DPP lawmaker Kao Chia-yu's domestic violence case, might have received special treatment while getting vaccinated, according to Taipei City councilor Yu Shu-hui. Yu pointed out that Lin skipped the vaccination queue and got his two shots of Moderna. The hospital which administered Lin's shots denies any wrongdoing.

“Please answer this: Did you know Lin Bing-shu was cheating on you?”

Kao Chia-yu does not respond to questions from reporters as she arrives at work. Since her domestic abuse case came to light, the case has snowballed into other controversies. The latest one is that her ex-boyfriend surnamed Lin used his connection to skip the vaccine queue.  A Department of Health investigation found that the day Lin got his shot, Dianthus Clinic vaccinated 85 people with appointments. It also vaccinated 20 others with leftover doses from the seven vials it opened that day, which averages out to 15 doses per vial. At this rate, six vials would have been sufficient for the 85 people with appointments and there would even have been five doses left over. So why did Dianthus open seven vials?

Yu Shu-hui, Taipei City Councilor (KMT): “Dianthus says it opens one bottle per shift. If they have three shifts per day, don't they end up with three vials with leftover doses? Lots of people are now playing these games to expand the definition of "leftover dose" and increase their supply of leftover doses. These leftover doses are then used as "PR shots" and given to people with connections or influence.”

Taipei City Councilor Yu Shu-hui says the Central Epidemic Command Center's standards for leftover doses could not be clearer, and leftover doses are only to be collected from the last open vial of the day.  Dianthus' only explanation is that not all seven bottles were opened during the same clinic. It is also claiming the 43-year-old Lin got his shot because he shares an apartment with the boyfriend of a Dianthus nurse and was at risk. The clinic also asserts its leftover doses are available to anyone on the street and not just people with connections or privilege. 

Lin Si-hung, Chief Operating Officer, Dianthus Medical Group: “Based on the government's standard of 13 doses per vial, you have to open seven vials to vaccinate 85 people. We're better than everyone else at withdrawing doses, so we have more doses left over. We can give these leftover doses to anyone on the street from passersby to homeless people.”
Tsai Ping-kun, Taipei City Deputy Mayor: “From the documents provided by the clinic, it appears the number of leftover doses is within reason.”

As for rumors that Lin was cheating on Kao with a Dianthus nurse surnamed Wu, and that Wu also suffered domestic abuse and intimidation at his hands, Dianthus says this is a personal matter and it can't divulge any information.