Road Lights Removed for Military Exercise in Sept. Still Missing 演習拔除路燈 佳冬戰備道視線暗影響交通

Roadlamps were removed at a highway strip in Pingtung ahead of the Han Kuang military exercise. Local officials said it is unfair for them to shoulder the cost of removing and reinstalling the lamps.

Only the bases of the road lamps remain along the 3-kilometer Jiadung highway strip between Jiadung and Fangliao townships. This is Taiwan's only highway strip. The five road lamps along the strip were removed ahead of the Han Kuang military exercise on Sept. 15, which was the first time the strip was used. It's been over two months, but the road lamps are still missing.

Area Resident: “Even the smallest alleys have lights (at night). There are a lot of accidents around here with people driving too fast and not being able to brake in time.”

Area Resident: “It's better to have road lights for better visibility.”

Area residents say there is high traffic volume along the stretch and lights are crucial for safety. As fixed lights are not allowed on highway strips, lamps can only be placed at intersections. The Fangliao Township Office is blasting the military for removing the lights for the exercise and then telling the township it had to foot the bill to reinstall them.

Chen Ya-ling, Fangliao Township Chief: “The military removed the lights for its exercise and then told us to reinstall them ourselves. This is so wrong.”

The township says it already has to pay the electricity bill for many of the traffic lights along the strip and the military is putting the township in financial distress. It is calling on the central government to confront the issue and provide a solution.











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