Premier Gets into Argument with Lawmaker During Interpellation 鄭麗文昨質詢與蘇揆對嗆 藍要求蘇道歉

During a legislative interpellation, Kuomintang Legislator Cheng Li-wen got into an argument with Premier Su Tseng-chang. The KMT caucus later called on Su to apologize for his actions. In response, Su said he has to put people in their place when they lie about the president during an interpellation.

Su Tseng-chang, ROC Premier vs. Cheng Li-wun, Legislator (KMT):"If we're really going to enter into an arms race, tell me: How are we going to win? (You're going to surrender, aren't you?) I'm talking about if we should develop nuclear submarines. Can you listen? (So you want to.) Why are you afraid to develop nuclear submarines? (You just want to surrender.) If we have nuclear submarines, they would be so much better than traditional submarines. (You don't want anything. You feel the best course of action would be to surrender, right?) I think the first person to surrender will be you. The second will be Tsai Ing-wen. (I wouldn't be as shameless as you.) (Deputy) Premier, can you handle this? (You asked me to stump for you in the last elections. How embarrassing.)"

During an interpellation on the 12th, Kuomintang lawmaker Cheng Li-wun and Premier Su Tseng-chang got into an argument over nuclear submarines. The next day, the KMT caucus called on Su to apologize.

Cheng Li-wun, Legislator (KMT):"This was a major gaffe, and the public deserves an apology. I'll forgive you, but do you have the courage to apologize?"

In response, Su said the president was being defamed and he had to do what he had to do.

Su Tseng-chang, ROC Premier:"Someone thought they could spread fake news during an interpellation. For no reason, they said the president would be the first to surrender. This has had a severe impact on national morale. As the premier, I had to furiously oppose this traitor. I had to dispute the lie and stand up to the chaos. This is what I had to do."

Su's use of the word "traitor" did not go unnoticed, as the Democratic Progressive Party branded Cheng a traitor after she left the party to join the KMT. The KMT caucus then pointed out the DPP has lawmakers that had switched parties as well.

Fai Hrong-tai, KMT Caucus Convener:"Why don't you go after Chen Ming-wen? Why don't you go after your lawmakers that used to be in the KMT? As someone who doesn't think twice about besmirching the reputation of a female lawmaker, I think he is democracy's greatest traitor."

Fai Hrong-tai also said if Su won't apologize for his gaffe, the KMT would sue him at the end of the week. The DPP caucus then held a press conference to say what Cheng said about the president and premier are not covered under freedom of speech because her words damaged the leadership prestige of Tsai, the leader of the three branches of the military that stand up to China. According to the DPP, the KMT is just mad about the "four commitments" Tsai discussed in her National Day address.



行政院長 蘇貞昌 vs. 國民黨立委 鄭麗文(110.10.12.)表示:「如果真的要玩軍備競賽,你是要怎樣?我們怎麼打得過?(你是要投降,是不是?) 我是說,要不要發展核子動力潛艦,聽清楚! (所以你要……) 為什麼不敢發展核子動力潛艦?(你是要投降就對了?) 有了核子動力潛艦,就比傳統潛艦好很多。(通通不要,投降最好,是不是?) 我怕到時候,投降的第一個是你,第二個是蔡英文啦!(不會像你們那麼不要臉。) 你……(副)院長,請你處理,請你處理。(當時還要拜託我去給你助選,很丟臉!)」


國民黨立委 鄭麗文表示:「說錯了話,犯了這麼大的錯誤,就應該出來,向全國大家深深的一鞠躬道歉,我會原諒你啦!但是你有道歉的勇氣嗎?」


行政院長 蘇貞昌表示:「竟有人藉著質詢,來違逆、造謠!無端說總統會第一個投降,這影響國人民心士氣何其嚴重,我做為行政院長,在當場一定要憤然抵抗叛徒,秉然糾正謊言,挺身撥亂反正,做我該做的事。」


國民黨立院黨團總召 費鴻泰表示:「他先去罵罵陳明文,他先去罵罵原來從國民黨,現在到民進黨的這些人,用髒話來污辱一位女性立法委員,我是覺得,他才是民主最大的叛徒。」