Stimulus voucher website predictably crashes right away 5倍券數位綁定頻卡關  長輩急忙求助里長

M. Chuang
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Borough chiefs are busying assisting the tech-inept elderly on registration of the stimulus voucher.

Presenter: Eight different governmental departments and agencies have introduced their own versions of stimulus vouchers, with citizens complaining about the confusion and complexity

The official stimulus voucher website crashed immediately after registration opened at 9 a.m.

Citizen 1 :”I pressed this for my stimulus voucher and got this.”

The mobile website was equally inaccessible. Many people that had trouble accessing the website called their borough chief for help.

Citizen 2:” The voucher website will crash for sure. You don't need a brain to know that.”

Lin Yu-shun, Heping Borough Chief:” (They should let people pick up their vouchers) on different days based on the last digits of their ID number. Then the website won't get all this traffic at once (and crash).”

Many people wanted to bind their vouchers to their bank accounts or register for other vouchers to take advantage of special deals but were unable to. In addition, citizens pointed out the entire system is extremely senior-unfriendly.

Citizen3:”(Is it faster to just ask the borough chief?) Yes. We have a really great borough chief.”

Citizen4:”Seniors who live alone and people like that have to ask the borough chief for help on how to register and stuff. Borough chiefs deal with a lot.”

Others said paper vouchers are easier to deal with than digital vouchers. Meanwhile, many complained about every government agency that is offering additional vouchers each having its own registration and pickup system.

Citizen5:”I still don't know how it works. I actually don't even know what it really is.”

Citizen6:”We older folks don't really know how to use digital things.”

The situation was so bad many people that were set on using digital vouchers chose to pick up paper vouchers instead.





好不容易進了官網,點開數位綁定還是卡卡,讓趕來找里長幫忙登記的長輩好困擾,換成手機點了半天, 還是不行。


台中北屯區平和里長 林煜舜:「(應該分流)身分證後幾碼的人就在今天,下一批人就是在明天,這樣就不會大家一次進去(官網)。」


民眾2:「(問里長比較快喔) 對啦!我們里長是萬能的。」