Makeshift Minbaklu bridge destroyed again after typhoon Chanthu 便道沖毀.南橫封閉  高雄桃源3里再成孤島

The three mountainous boroughs in Kaohsiung are once again isolated as the makeshift road merely last for 19 days.

Presenter: Access to the Taoyuan mountainous area of Kaohsiung was cut off once again after 19 days. Residents say food supplies may be enough to last about two weeks but they don't know what they can do should any medical emergencies arise. Meanwhile, some teachers working in local schools are unable to return.

Mud streams are pouring down the Yusui Creek in the Taoyuan mountains of Kaohsiung. Three more incidents of mudslides occurred in the afternoon of the 12th, destroying parts of the Minbaklu Bridge once again after access was restored for 19 days. With construction still ongoing at Provincial Highway No. 20, Fuxing, Lavulang and Meishan boroughs are once again cut off from the outside world.

Chiang Wei-ming, Fuxing Borough Chief, Taoyuan District, Kaohsiung:”Supplies should be enough for another ten days or so. I’m more worried about residents’ health; if anyone should feel sick it would be hard to get medical help at this time.”

Fuxing Borough Chief said there are more than 400 residents in all three boroughs. Supplies should be enough from previous preparations for the typhoon, he said, but access to medical treatment is a greater concern. 

Some teachers teaching at the Zanshan Elementary School are unable to return to the school, and the school is currently asking other teachers to sub in for them. The Directorate General of Highway (DGH) said they will need three to four days to restore access but construction is stalled due to the rain.

Cheng Cheng-wei, Chief of 3rd Maintenance Office Jiasian Construction Section, DGH:”Our measurements show about 120 meters of pathway got destroyed. If the weather cooperates, with no more rain and mudslides, we should be able to restore access within three to four days.”

The Jiasian Construction Section said that the weather serves a very big factor in the speed of their construction since there are still more than 8 million cubic meters of soil built up at the upper stream of Yusui Creek and right now it only takes 20 millimeters of rain to trigger a mudslide. Supplies should be enough for three weeks for the three boroughs and local authorities will assist the residents if special assistance is needed. 




高雄桃源區復興里長 江維明:「里民的物資在1個禮拜到10天內,應該都沒有問題,現在只是擔心的,如果在這幾天路還沒有開通以前,如果有身體不舒服的,可能就會比較麻煩。」


公路總局第三養護工程處甲仙工務段長 陳正偉:「流失的便道我們測量起來,大概120米(公尺)左右,因為現在已經又開始陰天了,如果依照我們的搶修進度來看,如果沒有下雨跟沒有土石流的狀況應該在3天至4天可以完成(搶通)。」


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